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    Oil Analysis for high-hour 4.5L 250 HP

    I would like to see that one.
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    Off-Season Float Battery Charging, 2 Batteries

    Agree. Better plan is off and 2 chargers. If connecting to both, you need a bigger charger.
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    Oil Analysis for high-hour 4.5L 250 HP

    I did a similar evaluation years ago, so the formulations have changed. The Merc branded oils all sheared to a 30 or 20 wt but the wear metals were still ok. Rotella 15w40 held grade and the wear metals were good, even a touch better but it was only 1 analysis. Valvoline 15w40 held grade and...
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    Oil Analysis for high-hour 4.5L 250 HP

    I have seen several analysis now on the Merc oil where it sheers to a 30 wt. still functioned well, but it does not hold its grade well.
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    I freeze my block so you don't have to!

    Cool experiment. What sensors and software are you using?
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    Battery charger size needed

    I would do a 12a or 20a. Smaller than that brings no advantage.
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    4.5 mpi winterization tstat or muff fill?

    It is best to fill via the correct hoses / inlets on the motor over sucking it in through muffs.
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    Professional Mariner protech 4 series battery charger

    It should be wired directly to each battery. It sounds like it might be wired to the battery switch instead. Go find out and let us know.
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    Impeller location BRAVO 3 ?

    Bravo 3 has a belt driven water pump on the lower left side looking at the motor from the front.
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    Leaking toons

    Without much detail, looks like someone painted the toons with copper based antifouling paint and electrolysis is getting the best of them.
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    496mag no start issue.

    Let us know the results.
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    forward drive/bravo 4

    Friend has the Volvo version. Likes it, does ok for a casual wake, and is better than a fixed prop for regular cruising. Loading on a trailer and his lift both required new skills and cautions because of the increase draft.
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    496mag no start issue.

    So if you fill the fuel filter and it runs for a while and dies, open the fuel canister back up. If empty, then that points to the low pressure side that draws fuel from the tank. That could be the pump, a crack in a fuel line, blocked or faulty anti siphon, blocked screen on the pick up, etc...
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    Chaparral 276 windlass install

    Yes, there is an owner who did this and documented the process including cutting the anchor opening in the boat. But that was all on the Chaparral forum that got so overrun with spam they shut it down.
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    Walmart Super Tech RV and Marine Antifreeze - ethyl alcohol NOT propylene glycol

    -50 rv antifreeze freezes in the 12 deg F range. All of them. Burst protection is more of a marketing gimmick as they don’t follow the same standard. However, -50 burst is for copper pipes, it can burst around -10 in plastic pipes, which is what all rv‘s use.
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    496mag no start issue.

    Have you tried the simple test - remove the filter screen from the air inlet and spray carb cleaner or fuel into the inlet. See if it starts. Yes - fuel issue. No - spark issue. Gets you headed down the right path. when my 496 had a no start, this quick test pointed me to fuel issue and a faulty...
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    MerCruiser model 496 MAG (H.O.) 425 HP loss of power

    Do a cylinder drop test via software when it is acting up. We found 3 partially plugged injectors on a 2006 496 HO that started as an occasional issue like yours then eventually became a full time problem. We chased it for about a month. Eventually did the cylinder drop test and identified 3 bad...
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    It is a bit old school but the most cost effective way to utilize the smartcraft data.
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    1990 Bayliner 2651 resto

    Terrific work. Enjoying seeing your progress.
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    Pic of Milkshake spew all over my engine. Help please

    Winterization gone wrong, most likely a cracked block. Bummer.