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  1. Papa-t

    What would cause my FSK16 to not be propelled by my Johnson JW10 3hp?

    Also check to see if it’s going in gear. My prop will turn in neutral and if you give it gas it will make to prop bubbles but not propell.
  2. Papa-t

    Need advice on purchasing a second hand rib

    Sea Eagle FKS16
  3. Papa-t

    Tobin canyon pro

    Welcome to the forum. I have no experience with that one. Good luck and let us know how it does.
  4. Papa-t

    Leak fix advice

    That’s a good question. Is it still under warranty? If so contact the company. Either way their techs should be able to advise you with the correct repair if it isn’t covered under warranty.
  5. Papa-t

    Where are all the inflatables?

    Check out they have different sizes. Their customer service it amazing. I have the FKS16.
  6. Papa-t

    Sea Eagle FKS16 Year End Review

    Finished my trailer build. Breaks down into three pieces. The axel and wheels section will be carried in the receiver on the rear of the fifth wheel camper. Wired a four prong trailer connector on the rear of the 5er so I can plug the inflatable axel section up so the rear lights work tandem...
  7. Papa-t

    Sea Eagle FKS16 Year End Review

    So, thought I would give a year end review of the FishSkiff16. My original post when I ordered and after I had taking it to the coast fishing can be read here: So, took the FKS16 to the coast in April and October for...
  8. Papa-t

    Takacat or Sea Eagle FSK 16

    My FKS16 is very stable in the wind and choppy water. Will you get wet some in very choppy water? Yea but like any other boat that sets low on the water. I can go in 6” of water. Stand up and walk around, stand up and cast. Very stable!
  9. Papa-t

    Ibflatible boat

    I have the Sea Eagle FKS 16. I have a 6HP Mercury on it. See my post. Thread 'Going over to inflatables.'
  10. Papa-t

    Intex Mariner 4 modifications and Tips

    Nice write up!
  11. Papa-t

    First inflatable need advice

    Can’t help with this model but maybe someone else will jump in soon with advice. Have you tried contacting the company? Can you post a picture of what your talking about! Does this look like yours?
  12. Papa-t

    New to Inflatables. Crack in PVC tube.

    Welcome to the forum. If it’s new, I’d return and get another one. If not new or no warranty I’d do what 909 said and repair it. Even if it’s not leaking I’d rather be safe than sorry.
  13. Papa-t

    Getting RPM Alarm at full throttle

    Mercury Marine Smartcraft and Guardian System Warning Horn Alarms Mercury Marine Warning System The outboard warning system incorporates a warning horn inside the boat. The warning horn may be located inside the remote control or connected to the ignition key switch. a – Horn inside remote...
  14. Papa-t

    Takacat or Sea Eagle FSK 16

    I can’t comment on the Takacat 380/420 but I can on the FKS 16. It’s very stable and with my 6hp Mercury I top out at 16 mph. The new ones are lighter than mine. Mine is 99lbs. I think the new ones are around 82lbs. And they have a 1765lbs weight capacity which was huge for me. I figured the...
  15. Papa-t

    Going over to inflatables. The heavy duty cart. I also purchased the Scotty anchor system. I use a 10lb mushroom anchor that works well for me fishing in the sound at the coast. And the two stage pump is a necessity for pumping up to 15 psi. And I use the back canopy mount on one...
  16. Papa-t

    Bow rail Anchor roller

    Nice looking job!
  17. Papa-t

    Sharpie and magic marker for lettering

    I just bought the plastic boat registration plate and put my letters and yearly permit on that. Works well for me. I just use cheep zip ties and cut them off when I’m done.
  18. Papa-t

    Going over to inflatables.

    Lol Jimmbo. And Maddog Last year they didn’t have the fast cat 14. They only had the fast cat 12. At the time the 12 had the seats that you have to step over and I didn’t want that. Now the newest FKS 16 weights 82lbs instead of 99lbs. I have a six year warranty on mine and the way things go...