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    Yamaha 2012 F250 installing heads

    What model F250? They are not all the same.
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    Looking at 8hp and 15hp 4stroke Merc

    OK. Rocket engine strapped down for test purposes. Boat tied to a tree on a bank with motor running wide open. Piston engine airplane chained to tie down fittings.
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    Looking at 8hp and 15hp 4stroke Merc

    Torque is technically a twisting moment. A force at the end of a moment arm will impart torque. Expressed in pound feet for US English speakers. Not feet pounds. Thrust is thrust. Motion is not required. Think of a jet airplane at full power with the brakes holding the airplane in position...
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    High current on fuel pump

    Georg Ohm.
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    High current on fuel pump

    Can you post a picture of what is being seen on the Smartcraft display?
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    4 wire stator

    1998 90 HP what? Mercury or Mariner? What is the serial number? What part number old stator? What part number new stator?
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    Yamaha 90 no fire on cylinder 1

    Test equipment and test procedures are needed. Firstly to verify that the number one spark plug is not firing at any time. Presumption being that this has already been done. But then I am not understanding how the motor is running great below WOT RPM if the number one plug is not firing. With...
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    Suzuki DT15C wiring schematic

    The wiring diagrams would be in the applicable service manual.
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    2004 Yam F225 4 Stroke

    The entire assembly can be removed from between the clamp brackets.
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    2004 Yam F225 4 Stroke

    Probably. But why would you want to?
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    2008 Yamaha P90TXR block

    Or is it the block?
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    2008 Yamaha P90TXR block

    Understatement of the year.
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    2008 Yamaha P90TXR block

    What is the compression for each of the cylinders?
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    Yam 50TLRC 2004 I need a tank to motor hose assbly that fits this motor ??

    Not interesting at all. The parts are where they always are. Simply go to the applicable Yamaha parts catalog to see what Yamaha installed during production.
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    Explain how fuel system works OX 66

    When the key is turned on the electric fuel pump runs for a brief period of time. To pressurize the fuel system. It may or may not be heard. Depends upon ones hearing, the noise from the pump, if the cowling is on or not... When the motor is being cranked the fuel pump runs. When the motor is...
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    Finding model # on my Yamaha

    The model identity is on a decal that is attached to the clamp bracket. On that same decal is what Yamaha calls the primary ID. PID. If the decal on the clamp bracket is gone then there is another decal on the block that provides the serial number of the motor. That decal is usually in the...
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    F80 - sometimes won't turn off

    That is one form of preventative maintenance. Disconnecting and reconnecting electrical connectors that is.