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    Co-owning a boat?

    One word, NO. Everyone I know who did it regretted it.
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    88spl lower unit locked up?

    If you set the shift rod height correctly and move the shift arm to the reverse position, it can easily be done with a long pick or long thin Philips screwdriver with only disconnecting the throttle cable and shift cable. Sometimes you can get it to align even without a pick.
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    Adding ignition kill switch and lanyard 96 Johnson 88

    Do you understand the difference between parallel circuit and series circuit? You must connect/wire the man overboard kill switch in parallel to the ignition switch for the black and yellow/black wires that both use. That way either the overboard kill switch or the ignition key has a path to...
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    Adding ignition kill switch and lanyard 96 Johnson 88

    Yes, it would be easier if an 3 way six wire outboard ignition switch with overboard kill stop is used instead of a separate one. If a seperate lanyard kill switch/stop is installed, all you are doing is wiring it in parallel to the wiring on the key switch so either the kill switch or the...
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    2 stroke randomly does not want to start + house battery voltage seems low

    Preload on throttle cable is straightforward. The objective is to remove any slack/movement of the throttle cable attached to throttle arm of outboard when control box is in neutral with no throttle only/min throttle. Throttle arm has to be against the stop. If you change the stop you have to...
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    Fuel gauge pegs to full when I turn on the ignition

    You can either measure resistance of sender or run a test wire of the same thickness as the sender wire to tank from gauge on sender post and see if issue remains. Resistance test is easier and safer. From briefly checking, US Marine fuel tank senders operate within 240 to 30 ohms. 240 is...
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    Best lift tool fixture for lowering 1979 and later v4 crossflows

    I am preparing for the possibility of needing to store my v4 crossflow outboard horizontally on a pallet instead of a wooden stand and it does not have the lift ring since the regulator/rectifier is present. I have the OEM combo tool for lifting vertically that also pulls flywheel and can pull...
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    2000 Johnson 200 Ocean Pro - Out Of Ideas... Please Help

    This is why you do a leak down test at TDC for each cylinder. This tells what compression tester will not say without resorting to cylinder and piston inspection. Anything more than 20% leakage in any cylinder is becoming a mechanical running issue. Over 30%, unless it is a gasket or head...
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    2000 Johnson 200 Ocean Pro - Out Of Ideas... Please Help

    This is why more service centers will decline to do such work no matter how much money customer gives to load the parts cannon. That is because very likely, they will turn on you at the end when that fails to work and blame you for the issue. It is a bad business model that hurts a shop's...
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    Pre-project fiberglass boat structural repair planning questions

    I am aware of how it goes. I know there will need to be extensive inspection with several test holes and I know the percentages of how much and how likely the rot will have reached from deck to stringers to transom. Assuming nothing here on condition. Again, going to repeat my question...
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    Pre-project fiberglass boat structural repair planning questions

    I've got a recent acquisition that I know I'm going to need to do at minimum deck replacement and very likely some stringer work. Hopefully I can avoid the transom if it escapes the rot. The transom condition currently is acting solid with no stress cracks found anywhere around the motor...
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    Best value pre-made fiberglass filler alternative to making Fiberglass PB

    Fiberglass dust is in the boat, not in my garage. Easy to mitigate in the boat, keep the respirator on in it until it has been cleaned up and rinsed off. As said before, not my first rodeo with fiberglassing even though it was a small internal repair section. Bag and throw away loose trash...
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    Looking at a Johnson 120hp, what to look for?

    Yeah, plenty of people have delusions of top dollar price for junk. I refuse to call or send text messages inquiring about listings that have outrageously high prices listed for the boat/engine I am looking for. (Double actual fair market value). NADA values is a good guideline to go by, as...
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    Cheap Stereo Documentation Question

    Rarely do I ever find even the newer named brand Marine radios with a substantial multifunctional LCD display an issue to figure out involving the controls. Wiring them however might be problematic if the install guide is missing the wiring color reference or has no engraved name for it (ex...
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    WOT throttle stop question

    The principal of that procedure is what is most important, it is expected if the master is in the middle and you have a top slaved carb, then it would be in the inverse direction to remove slack.
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    WOT throttle stop question

    I'm willing to guess yes it is off. There is a specific procedure mentioned to take the slack out of the carb that does not have the throttle arm on it. It is described in my factory service manual, it is located in the synchronization and linkage adjustment section: 1. First loosen the carb...
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    Replacement of water circulation pump V6 4.3L

    If it involves fuel, cooling, ignition, or life safety, buy from proven established online retailers if you chose to purchase online. If you deal with EBay or Amazon, you have to do a substantial research and possibly ask a lot of questions to determine if the seller is worth buying from or...
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    Best value pre-made fiberglass filler alternative to making Fiberglass PB

    The primary concern is that powder getting on locations where it is not expected to be in dangerous amounts and becoming airborne without respirator on. In short, incidental exposure to cabosil powder inhalation after cleanup has been safely done of the mixing area. Just to be clear, I am...
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    Best value pre-made fiberglass filler alternative to making Fiberglass PB

    What is the best value pre-made polyester compatible fiberglass filler product out in the market today for significant quantities used as Fiberglass PB? Or is there a proven less toxic alternative filler than cabosil that can be used? If it is premade, preferably one that has the wax in it so...
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    PSA on Winterization Antifreeze

    My recent boat acquisition allowed me to dodge this "fun", it was priced right for the condition. Where I live, finding a 18ft to 20ft passenger focused cuddy cabin without being married to an I/O is somewhat of a miracle. If they are listed, they have delusions in the asking price. It's nice...