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  1. brim_buster

    Eska won’t start.

    Pull the reed assy. and look at it
  2. brim_buster

    Sears Robuck Serial Decoder

    Look for a metal tag on the transom. Might have a 217- with some more numbers. Post a picture that helps. The power head tag will have an AV-# that tells what power head was used and what HP. Im gonna send you a private message.
  3. brim_buster

    Sears Robuck Serial Decoder
  4. brim_buster

    Wizard Western Auto 6602 A47 7hp different electrical power source than I've seen

    1975 and your model is 217-585910 and the chart says 7.5 hp
  5. brim_buster

    What kind of motor do I have

    post a pic
  6. brim_buster


    Eska made. Nice grab
  7. brim_buster

    Eska 7.5 14038A 1977 no spark

    There are some videos on the web that show some folks fixing them for this purpose.
  8. brim_buster

    Eska 7.5 14038A 1977 no spark

    find a timing plate with points and condensers
  9. brim_buster

    Restore project

    Early ones were made by Mercury I think and McCulloch I think for a year or 2 in late 50's. Whats the model# should start with a W I think. The only year they made a 7.5 was 59 by McCulloch MLM6907A
  10. brim_buster

    Tohatsu 20hp outboard drive shaft housing replacement - help

    Not on a Tohatsu but a Johnson. Time consuming but not that bad
  11. brim_buster

    OEM for Shakespeare Outboard 5HP

    Parsun marine I think makes them they are a sub par Chinese honda knock off. 4 stroke. If its shutting down when its hot it does that to keep you from overheating it. Is it peeing good water stream?
  12. brim_buster

    1971 7hp Eska sears ted Williams (water issue)

    Whats supposed to be in that hole? Never seen anything like that. Should just spray out exhaust ports. Is the water tube installed properly?
  13. brim_buster


    This is what they look like
  14. brim_buster


    Air cooled motors like a lawn mower yours is probably a Triton you have a model or serial#. Think they were made from the 70's till the 80's
  15. brim_buster

    Clinton J9-1000 water tube issue

    Looks to be fine to me. Running it in a barrel is about as close as your gonna get to the water. Ear muffs I think are only good for some things, I always try to run in a deep tub or trash can
  16. brim_buster

    Gale 1945/56 3.0 Outboard Model 64GG9005

    Its in English were you looking for another language? The 3D10 and 11 are what you wanna be looking at.
  17. brim_buster

    Clinton J9-1000 water tube issue

    most water tubes Ive dealt with only go into the cover about 3/4 inch. You can replace the rubber grommet that the tube goes in.
  18. brim_buster

    Sears/Eska Connecting rod question

    Check with Tecumseh on-line. Thats who makes the power heads but remember the last ones made were in 87 they might be different now as far as rods
  19. brim_buster

    Sea king 64gg-9005

    Is it a 12hp made by Gale?