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    95, 115 intruder fuel line pressure drops off

    MY 95 115 intruders fuel presser falls off after sitting for an hour or so requiring me to pump the fuel bulb to regain presser at which time the engine will start fine. is this normal? if we stop and don't sit to long it will start just fine without a prime.
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    replacement siding

    Re: replacement siding this was the best I could, got ta get the kid to show me how to re-size the photos
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    shore power

    Am finishing up my winter rebuild, One of my upgrades was to add a 110 AC shore power service. not certain if the ground buss bar in the new breaker panel should be grounded to the hull
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    45 seaking parts

    I don't need much, prop shaft seal,it is still in one piece butt I would like to replace the old rotary-oscillating water pump, and I seam to be missing something in the prop assembly- it spins free, the shear pin is there supposed to be a rubber vib damper cased into the prop (that's...
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    sea king 1945

    I have a 1945 sea king, model# 54 GG- 9011 serial# 58507, have run it briefly with 50-1 mix. it is in great shape, however there is something missing for the prop, it spins free, nothing is tore up behind it,I think there should be some form of rubber bushing to mate the prop to the shaft? need...