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    Going Fishing

    "Saturday morning I got up early, dressed quietly, made my lunch, , slipped quietly into the garage to hook the trailer with my boat up to the truck, and proceeded to pull out into a torrential down pour. The wind was blowing 50 mph. I pulled back into the garage, turned on the radio, and...
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    Don't Bother Me. I'm Fishing.

    He began his day with an 3 Lb Rainbow on the first cast and a 5 Lb on the second. On the third cast he had just caught his first ever Rainbow over 6 pounds when his cell phone rang. It was a doctor notifying him that his wife had just been in a terrible accident and was in critical condition...
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    Rainy Day Project

    While sitting in the garage as a steady rain is beating down in SE Wi, I'm looking at a small electric trolling motor and mulling over the idea of making a battery charger out of it. Some small private airplanes have a propeller driven generator attached to the wing strut or elsewhere to...
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    Wiring diagram

    To answer the many questions about wiring or rewiring a boat, I thought this would be helpful.
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    18' Starcraft SuperSport bowrider restoration

    Just taking the opportunity to post some photos of an 18' bow rider that my son and I have recently. As you can see it is not a faithful restoration. The goal was to get the best boat for the least money possible. We had the boat and trailer but the boat was stripped down to bare ribs and...
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    Ethanol added fuel

    Since my area of the country has mandated ethanol added up to 10%, what can be done to mitigate the effect of using this fuel in 2 cycle outboard motors? The gasoline, as it comes out of the pump, has the 10% ethanol in it. The ethanol binds to any water or moisture in the tank; with...
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    Water Pump O-Ring

    In the process of replacing the water pump with the plastic housing on a 73 135 hp Evinrude, I have an O-Ring that is not accounted for in the manual, the tear down process, and no diagram with the new pump. It is 3/4" approximately O.D. What is its purpose? TIA
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    The motor is a 73 135 Evinrude and I got a hot buzz the other day. Several factors in play here. The water intakes were covered with weeds when I hauled it out - that may have been a factor. The motor had been idle for several years and the water pump has not been replaced in my time (that's...
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    OMC Autoblend Tank

    Does anyone have any experience with an autoblend tank in which the oil is separate from the gasoline and can be made 25:1, 50:1, or 100:1.? How reliable is this thing?
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    '73 135 Hp Evinrude Primer Circuit?

    I have a 135 hp Evinrude that has a cold start issue. After the initial start, it runs as it should. It now has a choke solenoid. In later years that item was replaced with a primer circuit, for good reason, I suppose. My curiosity has led me to think about replacing the choke with a primer...
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    Interchangable Parts?

    Where can I locate literature that will tell me if I can replace a unit consisting of the mounting brackets to the attachments to the exhaust housing from a 77 140hp Evinrude to a 73 135hp Evinrude?
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    Paint or paint codes

    I need a paint or paint codes source for early 70's Evinrude outboards. I have googled and lurked on this and other sites and have come up empty. Any ideas?
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    Project boats

    I just ran across this site, The place is in south Racine, WI and has many "diamonds-in-the-rough". I had a hard time deciding where to post this thread. It was a toss up between here and the "Ugliest Boat Contest". :D
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    Replacing connectors on speed/temp sensor

    I have an Eagle Trifinder II sonar/fish locater with a speed/temp function. I have a LEI speed/temp sensor ST-TBK and want to adapt a connector that will hook up to the Trifinder. The ST-TBK, which is for older Lowrance (I believe) is black and has a 4 female layout. The TS-TX (same sensor...
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    Adding Pee Hole

    I have a 73 135hp Evinrude that does not have a water outlet on the belly pan of the motor. It would be reassuring to have that indicator installed on this motor. What would be the parts and procedure to add a tell tale?
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    Lighted rocker switch for nav/anc

    I have a lighted rocker switch with 3 detents in the rocker and six spade contacts on the back. The switch had no diagram for wiring it. I would prefer, when the bottom of the rocker is in, for that to be the OFF position; the first "rock" toward the top of the switch be the ANC light; and...