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    Trolling Motor on Closed Bow

    Re: Trolling Motor on Closed Bow I can't believe I have been using my Minn Kota Bow Mount for 2 years, and only have one picture. If you need more pictures, let me know. The picture was taken on a very cold snowy day, but you can still see the motor. I got a mounting plate from Minn Kota, and...
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    Panther T-5 Steering Control

    Has anyone purchased the new Panther T-5 steering controller. I would be interested to know the travel of the connecting rod. I have found that some of these controllers will only turn the motor about 3", which isn't enough to correct the steering in a windy or choppy lake.
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    Width of 19' Starcraft Islander

    I would like to purchase a 19' Starcraft Islander, but my neighbor said it wouldn't fit in my garage. My garage door is 94" wide, so how wide is the Islander? Thanks for your help.
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    12 or 24 Volt Minn Kota Motor

    I am going to purchase the new Minn Kota I-Pilot trolling motor and it comes in 12 or 24 volt style. At this time I am using a 12 volt PowerDrive V2 on my 18' Starcraft and it does the job. I carry 2 batteries to be able to fish all day so it wouldn't be that difficult to change to a 24 volt...
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    '09 Mercury 8hp 4-stroke oil change

    Getting the trolling motor ready for fishing this year. Purchased a Mercury Service Manual and oil from the local Mercury dealer and started to attack the project. Everything seemed easy enough until I got to replacing the oil drain plug. The Service Manual has no Torque Specs for the oil drain...
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    Humminbird 787c2 doesn't like cell phones

    While fishing today I decide to call my son and rub it in about the great fishing he was missing. The cell battery was low, so I plugged the phone car adapter into my 12 volt utility receptacle in the boat. This is when the Humminbird 787c2 decided to chance differant colors on the screen and...
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    '01 Mercury 115hp Temperature Gauge

    This is a Mercury 115hp ELPTO that I would like to install a sensor unit for a temperature gauge. If I remove this plug, would this be a good place to screw in the sensor?
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    '01 Mercury 115hp 2-stroke Water Pump

    Didn't want to hack another members thread, but would like to clarify something in my own mind. I had the water pump rebuilt last year by a trusted outboard motor mechanic and was getting 19 lbs water pressure. This year after sitting for 3 months, I started the motor in a barrel and I wasn't...
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    Mercury Battery to Solenoid Wire Size

    Purchased a new '08 Mercury 8hp 4-stroke trolling motor. Model #ME8ELH. My Garelick motor bracket recommends to remove the motor while trailering. So I want to install a quick disconnect plug between the motor and battery rather then unbolting it from the battery on every fishing trip in the...
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    Gps/Navionics vs Fish Locator/Depth Finder

    I just purchased a new Lowrance 5300 GPS and a Navionics Hot Maps for the West. Today I got it hooked up just to test if it would come on and to see if the Navionics lakes I need were on the map. Everything seemed good with the exception that Yale Reservior in Washington, which I have fished...
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    Seal Polyethylene Gas Tank

    I purchased a red 6 gallon fuel tank on Craigslist and sure enough it leaks around where the fuel hose connector is screwed to the tank. It looks like the previous owner had used silicon to try and stop the leak. (My first hint that there my be a problem). I am going to remove the screws and try...
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    Please identify the year

    I have a Mercury 8hp trolling motor that I would like to purchase a repair or shop menual for, but I am not sure of the year the motor was made. It is a 2-stroke with a serial #OC262355. Anyone know of a wesite that I can go to to look up this information? THANKS
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    Reseal Lower Unit & Water Pump Rebuilt

    I drained lower unit & discovered some light brown oil. Put a vacuum & 5# pressure test on the unit, and it flunked. I sprayed soap & water on all drain & vent plugs and the propeller shaft seals and no bubbles. This leaves me with interior seals. As I never have worked on a outboard motor...
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    Water Pressure Gauge

    Went looking on IBOATS for a water pressure gauge kits for my 115hp, 2-stroke. 'o1 Mercury outboard. Found several nice kits to pick from with 2" dials. My motors low side is 2 PSI (IDLE), and the high side is 15 PSI (WOT) The choice in gauges is 15 PSI (Max) or 30 PSI (Max). So what would the...
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    Test Lower Seals for Leaks

    I have read several posting on testing the lower unit for seals leaking. I have a '01 115hp 2-stroke motor. I was changing the gear lub and noticed some, about a soup spoon size, of light brown fluid mixed in with the dark green lub. Decided to test the seals with a vacuum test, but can find...
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    Confused about 12 volt system

    Just read the posting by Down South (Hooking up 12v DC in A aluminum boat) and I need someone to straighten me out. I have a 18' Aluminum Starcraft and I've done a lot of wiring to straighten out the mess that was in it from the last owner. I've always ran the ground back to the battery or to a...
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    Onboard battery charger question

    I've been checking several threads and printing out some, but I still haven't seen the answer I am looking for. I have 2 batteries on my 18' Starcraft. A deep cell in front of the boat and a starting battery in the stern for the 115hp Mercury. The deep cell does all the work and needs recharging...
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    Panther T-4 Remote Steer

    Can anyone that has the Panther T-4 installed on their trolling motor tell me what the total distance is for the travel on the linear actuator? Thanks
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    Evinrude 0r Mercury?

    Thought some may appreciate how to get more boating out of a gallon of gas. Anyone up for water skiing? HTTP:// Sorry...Done understand why the link isn't working, if I type it in the address it works, if I click on it, it doesn't
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    OK, if any website has enough readers to answer this question it is right here on IBOATS forum. I've heard alot of +'s and -'s about the PANTHER T-4 from differant users, but no commends about the POWRTRAN PS105SS. The most I've hear was " what is that" I've been on their website (POWRTRAN.COM)...