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  1. colonel_sanders

    Order enquiry and no response customer service

    @rpuller I’m sorry for not posting sooner. I don’t have an update as to when your order will be shipped but it’s going to be several more weeks at the earliest. I’m happy to cancel your order and request a refund if that’s what you’d like to do. I’m truly sorry for the delay. Please feel free...
  2. colonel_sanders

    customer service

    Happy to help! Glad they’re working to resolve it.
  3. colonel_sanders

    customer service

    @jburkesbrew Can you send me a PM with your name, email and order number? I’ll see if I can get some more information and give things a nudge. 🤙 - Curt S
  4. colonel_sanders

    iboats no longer selling oem parts and mikuni? Does this help? The link actually works. Ignore the meta.
  5. colonel_sanders

    Iboats terrible customer service, or lack of

    Just brought this to the teams attn. I’ve asked them to respond to you directly sometime today.
  6. colonel_sanders

    Somber news for iboats forums members.

    We are saddened to announce that we have recently learned one of our iboats forum Moderators, and more so our friend, GA_Boater passed away the first week of March, 2022 of natural causes. The man behind the @GA_Boater handle is Don Wilson; and like so many of our friends who have sailed on...
  7. colonel_sanders

    Iboats terrible customer service, or lack of

    @alldodge I appreciate your enthusiasm. iboats has had plenty of challenges as of late and we recognize that we have room to grow. The spam email feedback that @gooden123 provided is something i'll be looking into this weekend. We use a 3rd party provider for our ticket system and i suspect...
  8. colonel_sanders

    Iboats terrible customer service, or lack of

    We appreciate you sharing your experience with us and wanted to let you know we take feedback seriously. I know a member of our Customer Care team has reached out to you in an effort to make this right and that you have exchanged emails. Please feel free to reply to Jason regarding any...
  9. colonel_sanders

    Questionable Customer Service

    @Fort Lauderdale boater Thanks for your patience. You can expect to hear from Jason S. (Director of Sales and Customer Service) sometime today.
  10. colonel_sanders

    Questionable Customer Service

    @Fort Lauderdale boater Thank you and the Moderators for bringing this to my attention. I’ve brought this up with my colleagues and I’ll follow up with you on a Tuesday or Wednesday after the holiday weekend.
  11. colonel_sanders

    Wrong name

    Froggy1150 seems to be logged in and working fine. Jruka uses an email address similar to the username name above and is indeed still active. Neither account appears to be banned or suspended. Both appear to have logged in in the last 24 hrs.
  12. colonel_sanders

    Fuel Delivery Mystery

    I sure can. I just need the account names or email addresses.
  13. colonel_sanders

    Unable to login at website to order

    @Watermann Could you message me specifics. What is the url of you were using to login when it was failing? Were you getting an error message and what did it say? Is your email address in the other system the same as the one registered to your forums account? Please share any other specifics you...
  14. colonel_sanders

    AOL Broken

    I stand corrected. Apologies for responding without (obviously) digesting what you wrote the first time. So glad it's working properly.
  15. colonel_sanders

    Scam ads here?

    Responding directly. - Check your PM's.
  16. colonel_sanders

    AOL Broken

    No changes have been made. I did a lot of research on AOL's software and it's based on versions of Chromium that are out of date. There's not much we can do here. I'm sorry. I suggest you reach out to AOL and ask them to update to a modern framework. I went as far as trying to get copies of...
  17. colonel_sanders

    iboats shop shipping to canada

    @bwkre @dannys2004glastron175mx Right now the current cutsomer facing store can't ship to Canada. You can however call in and place an order for Canada. It has to be done over the phone for reasons that are beyond me.
  18. colonel_sanders

    AOL Broken

    @scott.cooper Any suggestions good sir? ... Update --- @JimS123 Scott suggested uninstalling and reinstalling your AOL Desktop Gold and checking to see if there are any updates for the application. There's a chance that you're on an outdated version of the base chromium browser.
  19. colonel_sanders

    AOL Broken

    @JimS123 I was kidding about it coming on a CD. It was a throwback to 1995 when AOL was dominant and spammed our (real) mailboxes with AOL dialup free trials. I also recently changed my Mom's ring tone to say "you've got mail". ;-) ... My daughter had changed mine to a klaxon alarm and gave me...
  20. colonel_sanders

    AOL Broken

    AOL - didn't that come on CD's in the Mail? Great things happen with those CD's in microwaves. Flashbacks to Netscape... nightmares. I don't know where to begin helping with AOL Desktop stuff. All URL's by design, should be redirecting. Bookmarks will never auto update but the pages they load...