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    2011 Yamaha 6hp 4stroke need HELP

    So I just bought the kicker I always wanted BRAND NEW. I could not install it on the boat since it is still in storage so I hade it sitting on the floor on edge (like manual says). Well someone in the family had to move it so they layed it down flat. When I saw it, days/week later I opened...
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    2011 Yamaha 6hp 4 stroke

    I have 2011 6hp 4-stroke (non electric start) and I was if there is any way to connect an hour meter. I know without the starting battery it doesn't have the juice to run an electric meter but I'm wondering if anyone came up with a way to control a meter.
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    1980 Johnson 2 stroke running dirty?

    Ok so this is my first 2 stroke, I ran the boat in the water all last year and besides a starter problem she ran good. Yesterday I decided to fire her up in a garbage can it really seemed to run dirty, it had small streaks of (oil/gas?) that kind of ran down the side of the motor. The motor...
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    NEW Aluminum painting questions

    I know there are a ton of threads about painting an aluminum boat, I think I read almost all of them and I think I have a couple of new questions. So I'm going to paint the inside of the boat first, some of the inside has bare aluminum and some of it has been painted before. The old paint is...
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    Electrical components for 1980 50hp Johnson

    I need to replace the starter and a wire harness on my 1980 Johnson. I called a couple of local shops and they quoted me $280 for the starter and ~ $190 for the harness. Looking online I found the Starter for $101 and the harness for $120. The starter is from Motor City Reman and the harness...
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    Replacing flooring and carpet

    I'm replacing my plywood floor and carpet in a 1979 Sylvan Sea Master. I have seen several threads where guys have fiberglassed the plywood or Epoxied the plywood. If I'm going to install the carpeting with marine grade adhesive, will it stick to a fiberglass or epoxied floor?