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    Alpha 1 gen 2 serial # help

    Your serial number 0D628748 comes up as an 1992 MERCRUISER R.H. ROTATION ALPHA, GEN 2, 1.98:1 Stern Drive, Model Number 5010198ES.
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    2019 Volvo V8 380 C-M won't start unless i give it throttle

    With this engine model there may be a different name to use regarding fault codes that I'm not aware of but I'll ask, since you have a tech pro scan tool, Are there any stored or active fault codes? While this doesn't seem correct in theory, it's been recently mentioned that if there are any...
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    engine identification From what I can make out If the serial number ends 78 (0G086278) then it would be a 1994 90HP ELPTO, Model Number 1090412PD (3 cylinder?)
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    350 Mag Mpi hard to start when warm or hot

    You get nothing when one of the batteries is selected? Loose battery cable perhaps at the switch should battery be truly good. Might also be time for new spark plugs and check the plug wires to make sure they're functioning correctly too.
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    350 Mag Mpi hard to start when warm or hot

    May want to check and maybe replace your IAC muffler too.
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    350 Mag Mpi hard to start when warm or hot

    Just thinking out loud but I’m starting to wonder if we’re starting to see a pattern with the Bravo engine models that stopped using water check valves to stop hot water from getting to any one of the designed cool fuel systems… The Gen 2 uses one at either side of the cool fuel depending on 3...
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    350 MAG no hot start

    Exhaust Manifold Drain Check Valve Operation: Engines with 3‑point drain, single‑point drain, and air‑actuated drain systems are equipped with drain check valves on the exhaust manifolds. The check ball within the valve is forced upward by water pressure from the seawater pump. This seals the...
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    Trying to find correct spark plug for my engine

    Your OEM MerCruiser spark plug part number is 33-816336Q which right now crosses over to NGK, BPR6EFS... 'Though AC-Delco plug number MR43LTS is just as nice of a choice too if you run across them in your research.
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    1991 Outboard 40 [ELPTO] Model number 1040412LD
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    350 MAG no hot start

    Just a few other things to consider trying too for you below too. To remove the hose you’d remove the bolt to the right in your photo going into the Gen 3 cool fuel module, see item number 38, Make sure there’s no fuel inside the...
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    350 MAG no hot start

    Engine serial number? Year of boat? What stern drive model?
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    Anyone here have a Mercury 4-stroke 2.5HP to 5HP engine?

    Might want to also consider buying a service manual for your engine model as they usually tend to help you with these adjustments. What year or serial number is your engine? Yours might be Merc part number 90-899925...
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    Vista 298 speedometer

    That one does look like a paddlewheel design and should be your speedometer. Volvo wasn't putting the speedo hose in the drive back then...They only recently started putting one in the newer drive designs. The following boat tech describes how one design works and could be located in the bilge...
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    Vista 298 speedometer

    Hi there, the pitot tube should be in the same area as the white one like seen on the port side of center of this 2003 298,
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    VP 2014 300Hp V8 duo-prop, 35 regal twin fly-by-wire

    Hey Ed, if you can, try to get the volvo engine serial number as that info really helps Muc out with finding out all the details to share with the newer engine models such as these.
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    1996 Mercruiser 5.7L misfire/no run issue...ignition module?

    The probability seems low that the ICM will be the overall issue but I'll throughout (to help with the overall question) that Merc did do a conversion kit because your original is no longer available but it seems they stopped with the kit as well as it says no longer available.. That mentioned...
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    Thunderbolt 4

    They don’t make them like they used to.🫣😁
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    Volvo Penta 5.7 gxi - can’t find plug location

    Hard to tell in the photo but maybe at the other end of the exhaust manifold like item number 15. Maybe start the engine really quick and see where water comes out.
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    What is this plastic piece?

    They are called wear pads.
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    Trouble finding engine parts with Mercruiser ID

    Here’s your parts,