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    Safest way to pay for items from private, out of state sellers ?

    I’m looking to buy something from a Facebook marketplace private seller. I understand there are risks of getting something “not as advertised” or nothing at all. Other than paying in advance and crossing my fingers that something good is delivered, what is the lowest risk way to pay in advance...
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    Wasn’t sure where to post.

    You may want to verify that a 6hp is actually lighter than your current 9.8. Sometimes in that hp range, the only difference is the carb size and other non-weight impacting changes
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    Repair or replace the exhaust baffle for ‘84 suzuki DT30

    Wish I had those kind of fab tools / skills. Yes, 20, 25, 30hp all use the same plate. Have been searching under all three. Good question on the years. So far, 83-85 seem to be the same.
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    Repair or replace the exhaust baffle for ‘84 suzuki DT30

    Have been watching eBay for a month now. Missed one by a day but no others listed. Will start looking for a good welder but without a recommendation in this area, it’s hard to separate the good from bad before they have a go at your part. You’ve mentioned radiator shops before but the ones...
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    Repair or replace the exhaust baffle for ‘84 suzuki DT30

    Hello, I recently bought this motor and didn’t notice the small, but forceful leak at the bottom of the exhaust cover. Disassembly revealed 3 stripped bolt holes, the exhaust baffle cracked into 3 pieces and a large dent in the block-side gasket surface (wear the leak was happening). I’ve...
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy thanksgiving everyone. Im grateful for all the friendly help.
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    Engine block thread damage question

    Ive been buying used parts for vintage machines for about 40 yrs now. Generally, I’ve had good luck judging character and buying from honest people. My approach when selling obviously doesn’t require disclosing everything I’ve fixed (unless it’s a selling point ie new clutch). But if there’s...
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    Engine block thread damage question

    Thanks all, appreciate the help. I get the “buyer beware” comment but when is the last time you checked torque on all engine bolts standing in a sellers driveway to see if any were broken and held in with silicone. Leaving the bolt head out or disclosing it are the honest approaches.
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    General Information on Carburetors

    That video is really cool
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    Good service manual ‘67 evinrude ?? SELOC ?

    Good to know, thanks. I’ve gotten great info from the factory service manuals on old cars I’ve owned - assumed the same was true here. Honestly, the main value I get from the manuals are the exploded views which I’ve seen plenty of already in sites like marine Will save my $ for...
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    do vintage Johnson red gas tank contain lead paint ?

    My guess is the PO was concerned about breathing in sanding dust containing lead although the hungry jokes made me laugh. As I get older and slightly smarter, I wear a mask for more activities. I truly hate to think of all the crap I‘ve breathed in the past. One benefit of Covid is I now have...
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    Points open to .035

    In my experience, points don’t like being filed. It works if the filed surfaces are parallel when your done but that original shiny surface gives better spark. If you just used fine Emory cloth to clean growth off the contact surfaces and didn’t actually remove metal, that might be pretty...
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    Engine block thread damage question

    Do you think rebuilding the boss with JB weld around a stud might work ? I’d prefer welding but don’t know any good ones in alum. Concerned they may distort nearby precision surfaces like cylinder wall or block head gasket surface. I can hear the disclaimer now “should work but can’t...
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    62 Lone Star Cruiseliner

    Sometimes, the perfect outcome requires evolution. Glad you found just the right boat. Now the fun starts …
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    Engine block thread damage question

    Sorry, exhaust cover not valve cover.
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    Engine block thread damage question

    Dishonest people suck. New to me ‘84 Suzuki 30 hp. Noticed a leak in the valve cover and found two bolts had been broken off in the block and their heads were glued back in place using silicone. Also, two other bolts were stripped and found this drill-out carnage once the cover was off. It...
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    Good service manual ‘67 evinrude ?? SELOC ?

    I’m looking for a good service manual for ‘60’s era evinrude (18-25hp range). Normally I’d look for something published by the manufacturer (evinrude) but haven’t seen any of those. What do you think of seloc?
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    Does this miss sound like fuel or ignition to you ?

    Lean sneeze - that’s a new one on me ☺️. Consensus so far is lean - thanks. My experience with this motor was one 15 min run on the lake the day I bought the boat where it ran great at all speeds. If it had a miss at idle I didn’t notice it. Certainly there was no miss at speed so the...