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    Taking on water

    Hello. I have a 1989 19' Spectrum Fish/Ski Aluminum boat that i bought used over the summer. For the price that I paid... its been one heck of a boat. Unfortunately it seems to be taking on water (by my standards, alot) and I haven't really been able to figure out where. Can some of you...
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    Just how fast...

    Is there a way to get a general idea of how fast your boat should be capable of going? I'm currently able to get about 30mph (plenty fast for me) out of my 89 Spectrum 1900 w/85HP; but is that my top speed or should I be able to get more performance than that?
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    Adding an additional outboard?

    I have a 1989 Blue Fin Spectrum 1900 (fish/ski) with an 85HP Force. I'd like to add my Mercury 9.9hp to the boat so that I can use it on lakes with HP limitations. I've seen people do something similar before... I just don't know that did it. 1) How would I mount the motor, as the transom...