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    Forklift dropped boat on ground - damage?

    Sorry to hear that your boat got dented most of the time when I run into the corner of the docks everybody worries about damage to the dock. I guess that they don't make these new boats the way they did ones like mine from the mid- late 90s. We don't have the luxury of having somebody else put...
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    Forklift dropped boat on ground - damage?

    Do you do that off of a dock so you can see the bubbles. Do you snorkle around and under the boat to look for bubbles? I hear a lot of people talking about shooting 2 PSI into the toons but I've never seen it done. Do you hire a diver to look for leaks while you hook up the air compresser? Or...
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    The right stuff!

    I replaced the decking on my old pontoon boat with the- real deal- marine plywood and painted it with marine tuff coat paint about ten years ago. Some green mold started building up around the bench seats where the leaves lay on the deck and rot. Reminded me of when the old carpet used to turn...
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    Storage question

    I keep my old 18 footer in my drivway and have a battery charger that keeps all three batteries charged. I put some tape over the end of the tell tale-"weep hole" hose to keep ants and wasps out of it. I rebuilt my boat myself so it has fewer problems than the original. I replaced the original...
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    20 seconds to start peeing on muffs

    4 cyl. like mine. I run it on a 18 foot pontoon boat. Good old motor for a greenhorn like me. I don't think mine has a thermostat in it because I shot water out by way of the coolant tube when I had the lower gear housing off to change the water pump.
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    20 seconds to start peeing on muffs

    Logical question. It is a 1985 50 hp Mercury outboard and I realize now that I can't expect water to shoot out instantly because it takes time for the water to get through the system. By the way a couple of years ago it did have a clog and I had to pull the weep hole hose off and I shot lube...
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    20 seconds to start peeing on muffs

    I'll bet your probably tired of seeing this question? I just replaced the waterpump impeller and housing and while I had it open I shot water up the water tube and out of the weep hole. So water shoots through the upper system without it running and out the weep hole in a good stream. Every...
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    Dry storage under the seat!

    After we bought the old pontoon boat I installed new furniture from pontoon stuff. The whole set for one side of the boat. A flip up end piece and a bench set that goes in the middle and a corner piece for the end. The problem was that water would run down the backs of the bench seat and corner...
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    Starts and runs at idle great on muffs or in a bucket - won't start at all in the lake or ocean.

    Spark-fuel-compression. My 50 hp. did the same thing this spring so I checked the compression on each cylinder and took the carburetors into a shop and had them cleaned and rebuilt. While waiting on the carbs to be rebuilt I checked the spark and found that I had spark to half of the cylinders...
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    Fuel additive?

    I have seen people remark that they use an additive that keeps the ethanol from destroying their fuel lines. Is there really an additive like that and what is is called? Around here it would be about as hard to find alcohol free gas as it would be to try to find a working gold mine. So it looks...
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    Replace plywood decking on pontoon

    If you don't use marine plywood you can expect to replace the deck every three to five years. Maybe sooner if you lay carpet on top of regular plywood because it just helps the wood rot quicker. I replaced my decking with marine grade plywood and painted it with Tuff Coat paint. Then I raise...
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    Pulling out my hair!

    I checked an replaced nearly all of the electrical components on mine and the problem was a bad ground for two of the coils. I had to jump a new ground wire to the bolt that those two coils were grounded to.
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    '84 Merc 50, 4cyl, 2 stroke: air filter?

    I am thinking about trying to hang a piece of cloth over those open carburetors to keep debris out when I trailer it down the road. I could keep them cleaner if the boat was on the water all of the time.
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    Fuel supply problems

    The boat ran good today on a lake I made several trips into the west wind and back to the dock before I loaded onto the trailer in the cross wind. I don't know if I ran it at wot or not but it was moving along at a good pace and really purred along nicely. I think that the boat is dependable...
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    Fuel supply problems

    I just watched a great youtube video from -Born Again Boating- called "Follow these steps-Why outboards run out of fuel. I really like how he shows how to check for air leaks in the system. I will try to find more of videos from this source and maybe subscribe.
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    Fuel supply problems

    I think the next step is to run the boat around on a lake but to try to stay upwind of the boat ramp for a while.
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    Fuel supply problems

    I read somewhere that you have less problems if the primer bulb is vertical like that. I can try to tie that end of the fuel line up higher and see if that helps.
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    Fuel supply problems

    I ran the motor with the boat on the trailer at the state line swamp. It started and ran good so I increased the throttle to about 1/4 and let it run for a few minutes and then half way for a while and then throttled back. When I throttled back the cooling water stream decreased by about half...
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    Fuel supply problems

    I think that it tried to pump hard enough because it collapsed the primer bulb. So I'm thinking that the problem must be on the tank side of the bulb. Does that make sense? At any rate I plan on taking the boat to a ramp on a week day and try running it for a while again to see if I can recreate...
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    Fuel supply problems

    I stuck the line back on the fuel tank and pumped the primer bulb It siphoned fuel until I raised the line up higher than the tank. I had to stick the mercury fitting back on the end of the line to keep fuel from running out whenever the line was lower than the tank. That proves that the line is...