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  1. 1960 Starflite

    1973 Mercury 115 2 stroke engine questions

    Might as well drop the lower unit since you're going to be cranking that thing. If compression is ok and it then fires, head to water pump. I have 2 1960's Mercs and the wiring is fine but the 1975 wiring was toast.
  2. 1960 Starflite

    1967 1150 trim pump conversion

    Following, I don't know where the year/system break is. I've a 1975 "850" and this guy has to use a assist bar to raise it 🥺
  3. 1960 Starflite

    Strip old carpet from pontoon deck

    New deck and vinyl only correct way.
  4. 1960 Starflite

    1968? Mercury 350 2 stroke.

    I like old Mercs too. 1960 300 1965 650 1975 850
  5. 1960 Starflite

    Better way to install new pontoon furniture.

    I had some 3/8" rigid flat plastic stock. Using a 1 1/2" hole saw I made discs to use as spacers. Of course depends if you have carpet. My new flooring is vinal.
  6. 1960 Starflite

    fuel pump for Mercury 90 2 stroke?

    Vent IS open on fuel tank, Right ?
  7. 1960 Starflite

    What's this "rock" on the back of my sterndrive and is it supposed to be there ?

    I didn't have any luck with Aluminum in or Lake (Buckeye). After two seasons the anode looked new, however the lower unit showed pitting. I changed to Magnesium and get three seasons out of them. No pitting on other unit parts. IMHO
  8. 1960 Starflite

    Looking for lower unit drain/vent plug gaskets

    EBay 12 gaskets $8.99 free shipping Item No. 334042017654 Sierra P/N 18-2244, 18-2945 Mercury P/N 12-19183, 12-19183-3, 12-20260
  9. 1960 Starflite

    How to reposition lift rams

    As above. They will act weird until any air is purged. Once retracted evenly hook them to unit.
  10. 1960 Starflite

    bad interuptor switch

    If you're talking MercCruiser IO, the answer would be,Yes. But unlikely. More of a shift cable adjustment. Post in Mercury I/O section.
  11. 1960 Starflite

    2005 20ft sun chaser needs new carpet

    I removed everything down to the logs on my 1979 Harris Float Boat. Went with vinyl flooring. Materials (plywood, vinyl, wiring) $2500, used seating we had. Brought the value of Toon to $3500 :). $50,000 Bennington gets to the restaurant 10 minutes ahead of us.
  12. 1960 Starflite

    MC-1 (aka Pre-Alpha) Gimbal Ring Replacement

    Thank you for the continued updates. All photos appreciated !
  13. 1960 Starflite

    MC-1 (aka Pre-Alpha) Gimbal Ring Replacement

    Please keep us updated. I may have to go that route too. My 1979 Century 140 hp is getting sloppy.
  14. 1960 Starflite

    Trim tab removal on a 1970s(?) Merc 500 Thunderbolt 50hp

    My 1965 (65) hp was like yours. I ground the six sides of a 3/8" Allen until I could drive it into socket. I still have the wrench for special occasions.
  15. 1960 Starflite

    Decals for 1967 Evinrude 80HP Starflite

    Might try:
  16. 1960 Starflite

    Hole in Mercruiser gimbel housing

    My century has Blige blower that exits at top side of transom, (grill) guess there's another description for that area, so I ran temporary wiring thru grill. My wire insulation was cracking and didn't want to pull bell housing until needed to run wires . It's a real ***** replacing correctly.
  17. 1960 Starflite

    Hole in Mercruiser gimbel housing

    I ran my trim wires (4) up and thru engine vent exit to terminal blocks. Finished job correctly four years later doing shift cable and bellows replacement.
  18. 1960 Starflite

    Trailer winch hook placement?

    No pictures but, my old toon didn't have a winch hook point either. My solution: Obtained a 1/2" x 3" x ? Inch aluminum plate stock. Using the 3 front cross members, plus 6-8" to get length. Drilled plate and cross members for 3/8" SS bolts, one in each. Depending on hook size, drill two...
  19. 1960 Starflite

    DP-D1 Vertical Shaft upper nylok nut

    I don't have a Volvo, but, what a great response from that "Grumpy" boater !
  20. 1960 Starflite

    Engine hour gauge

    I just wired mine from the IGN post on key switch to + on hour gauge. Of course the - side goes to common ground.