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  1. Spivy30

    Mercruiser 188 wiring question

    I just picked up a 1974 John Allmand 23' powered by a 188hp Mercruiser. It has sat for a few years and was winterized before being stored. I have a question about some wires coming off the carb. On my boat the wires from the carb (guessing it's for the choke) are just coiled up and zip tied to...
  2. Spivy30

    Help identifying a Cobra or Baby King Cobra lower unit

    Re: Help identifying a Cobra or Baby King Cobra lower unit
  3. Spivy30

    Help identifying a Cobra or Baby King Cobra lower unit

    I'm on the hunt for a baby king lower and stumbled across a lower online that has me confused It is pictured in my first two pictures. Seller says it came off a Big Block but doesn't know anything else. It doesn't look like exactly like a Cobra or a King Cobra Pictured in my last 2 pictures...
  4. Spivy30

    What cobra stern drive ratio works with 7.5L

    I was recently given a really clean 87' Bayliner 2850 that is powered by a 460 Ford. The engine and boat are in great shape but the drive is missing. The engine runs great and only has 289hours so I think it's worth putting the money into. I have searched high and low and cannot find any info...
  5. Spivy30

    Best covering for sealing wood on topside of wood boat?

    I am in the process of restoring/redoing a 1971 Carver 2780 and am wondering what is the best covering/sealer for the wood on decks and cabin. The hull was in amazing shape but the deck had some rot which I had cut out and am in the process of replacing. The deck was originally covered in fabric...
  6. Spivy30

    1971 Carver with OMC Sterndrive Lead Additive Needed?

    I recently just picked up a 1971 Carver 26 powered by a 235hp 307GM and an OMC drive. The boat sat for a number of years but after doing a tune-up it fired right up. I bought the boat from the estate of the original owner who passed away but nobody knew anything about the boat except that it was...
  7. Spivy30

    OMC Cobra 5.7 with closed cooling no impeller?!?!

    Recently purchased a 1986 Starfire Westport 265 from a charity off eBay and am having trouble figuring out the closed cooling system. The boat originally came from Long Island and somewhere along the line closed cooling was added for running in saltwater. My problem is that when the boat was...
  8. Spivy30

    1998 4.3L GI problems, replaced engine nothing when I turn the key

    I recently picked up 1998 Four winns 180 Horizom with a cracked engine block for a pretty good deal When I got the boat the intake was removed and the fuel injection system was partially dismantled to diagnose the internal crack, I went through all the work of removing the engine, swapping...
  9. Spivy30

    1965 Pearson 28 Express Cruiser resto

    I recently purchased a 1965 Pearson 28 that needs some work. The boat is actually in very good shape structurally but cosmetically its pretty rough. It looks like somebody painted everything with house paint, there are brush strokes everywhere and its cracking and chipping away. The sides are...
  10. Spivy30

    2255 Bayliner prop questions

    I have a 1991 Bayliner 2255 Cabin Cruiser that was missing the prop when I purchased the boat. It is powered by a newer 4.3L Vortec V6 which is 190HP. The boat is probably under powered but also only weighs 3600lbs dry. I had a spare 14x19 prop sitting in my garage so I through it on the boat...
  11. Spivy30

    1978 OMC 800 trim and tilt problems

    I recently purchased a 1978 24' Cruisers with a OMC 800 and 235hp Ford V8. The boat is very clean and orginal but the trim doesnt work and the tilt doesnt work. The boat has two good batteries in it and they will start the engine no problem but when I hit either switch all I hear are the...
  12. Spivy30

    How to winterize 90HP Mercruiser

    Im trying to figure out how to properly winterize a 90hp Mercruiser thats in an old Mark twain. I believe its a 4 cylinder renault motor. I cant find any drains... i only found the one water inlet hose.
  13. Spivy30

    Correct Transmission for a 1973 23' Avenger

    I just bought a 1973 23' Avenger without a motor or trans. I plan on putting a small block chevy in the boat and was wonder what would be the right transmission for the boat? The boat still has the orginal controls, shaft, and prop.
  14. Spivy30

    Help need pictures of a 89' Force 85HP

    Hi Everyone I need help I bought a boat with a 85Force outboard that had a new powerhead installed but the guy never finished the wiring. I really need some pictures of pretty much all the electrical on the motor to see where it all goes and where things like the starter relay and the trim...
  15. Spivy30

    1978 140 Johnson is locked up?

    I have a 1978 140HP Johnson that was given to me by a friend on trade for a smaller motor. He said it was running rough after sitting for a few years and just died. Now it seems like its locked up. The flywheel only moves about an inch each way. I pulled the plugs the shined a flash light down...
  16. Spivy30

    Fastest Starcraft Redo. 1974 16' Super Sport done before the 4th of July

    My girlfriend and I wanted to have a nice running boat by the the 4th so we decided we were going to find a boat that would be easy to redo and be perfect for upnorth fishing and water skiing. I found a 74' Super Sport 16' with a 60HP Chrysler for $399 at a local charity auction. We just brought...
  17. Spivy30

    03' Kawasaki 130DI computer problems?

    I have a 03' Kawasaki 130 DI that ran great until last week, I went to start it and it ran for about 20 seconds and died and all the lights came on in the dash. I think the computer went bad unless it has a bad fuel pump. Ive tried to run it a few times since then and it just does the samething...
  18. Spivy30

    Starcraft SuperSport V5

    I found this beauty by chance...I was selling a motor on craigslist and ran into a guy who was looking for a motor for his "old aluminum" so I decided to take a look and I couldnt believe what I saw...A beautiful SS V5. I had a 1974 18' SS for aboat a year when I was 18 until the motor went bad...
  19. Spivy30

    Mariner 20HP Electric start issues

    I have a 20HP Mariner that used to run perfect until it was stolen off my boat and dumped in a field. Once back in my possesion I tried to start it and it will not turn over. It runs when you pull it with the pull start but nothing happens when you try the electric start. I have power to the...
  20. Spivy30

    I think i'm gonna do it again...Roamer Resto by a 22 Year Old

    Some of you may remember a posting last fall titled "Roamer resto by a 21 year old" where I purchased a 31' Roamer and began restoring it but before I got very far the boat burned while having the bottom repaired in the welders shop. After the very disappointing loss of the boat I redid some...