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  1. hckrphil

    Thermostat fell out of housing

    I pulled my thermostat housing and the thermostat had fallen out of it, and it was laying inside the intake directly below the housing. Lucky I checked it.... found the rubber o-ring too. Any idea what would cause this? What can I do to prevent it in the future? The only thing keeping it in is...
  2. hckrphil

    2008 Monterey 194FS - Rubber cushion holders??

    The hard plastic "male" part is attached to the underside of each seat.......... when set in place it inserts into the rubber female part. I need a few of those rubber female parts.... HAHA, that doesn't sound good...... but you get the idea :)
  3. hckrphil

    2008 Monterey 194FS - Rubber cushion holders??

    I have a 2008 Monterey 194FS. The very front BOW cushion has some type of rubber coupling under the seat (female). It is rubbery. When the seat is set into place, it goes around a harder plastic male piece sticking up........... the 2 pieces together holds the seat in place. Over the years...
  4. hckrphil

    Volvo Penta SX trim Cylinder rebuild Question

    I bought the rebuild kits for my SX cylinders. Pretty easy to rebuild. I did this last spring and they have worked fine. When I pulled the boat out of the water, I noticed all (4) outside seals are no longer seated in the end caps....... Any idea HOW this gasket is supposed to stay seated...
  5. hckrphil

    Thermostat Part # - Replacement?

    I have a 2000 Wellcraft Martinique 3000...... twin Volvo Penta 5.7GS motors. Where can I find the part # for the thermostats? I'd like to replace both of mine. Thanks! Phil
  6. hckrphil

    Changing Props - 3 Blade Stainless (LH & RH) to 4 Blade Aluminum props

    My Boat: 2000 Wellcraft Martinique 3000 (30ft cruiser) I currently have twin volvo penta 5.7GS motors with Volvo Cobra SX outdrives. I have stainless 3 blade props (one left hand one right hand).... 14-3/4" x 19". Current WOT is at about 4100ish RPMs. I'd like to consider changing to...
  7. hckrphil

    Throttle Only button stuck!?!?!?

    I THINK I have this figured out now.... That little pin I'm holding fell out on me when I took it apart.... When you push the throttle only button, it disengages the shifting gear..... when you rotate the assembly, it pops back in to place (goes back in gear).... mine must have gotten out of...
  8. hckrphil

    Throttle Only button stuck!?!?!?

    I've got the throttle out where I was able to open the backside of it. Does anyone have a diagram as to HOW this is supposed to work? When I move the lever forward and backwards, the shifter linkage (the one with the black S above it) clearly does not move. The linkage with the black T...
  9. hckrphil

    Throttle Only button stuck!?!?!?

    I have a 2000 Wellcraft Martinique 3000, volvo motors and outdirves but it has a Mercury throttle control. The Throttle Only button is stuck depressed. The plastic piece you push on is loose, its what THAT pushes on that seems to be stuck and not popping back out. Any ideas what I can do...
  10. hckrphil

    HOT Hose???

    Recently one of my volvo penta 5.7gs motors overheated and hydrolocked. I tore down the top half of the motor..... nothing bent..... Had the heads redone at the motor shop.... reassembled everything, new head gaskets, intake gaskets, etc. The engine has always run COOL up until the...
  11. hckrphil

    Engine running cool??? <kinda>

    OK, think I have the running cool thing fixed. I took off the thermostat housing, and cleaned out that tiny bypass channel.... It was tough to get a close hanger through there, but I was able to wiggle it through.... I didn't see anything major come out, but I'm guessing the entrance to the...
  12. hckrphil

    Prop seal 2005 Volvo penta

    I can't help with the videos online, but I did make my own tools to 1- remove the carrier, and 2- install the new seal....... If you have access to a welder, the carrier removal tool is super simple to make, cost me $6. I bought a 6" piece of pipe bit enough diameter to fit around the inside...
  13. hckrphil

    Engine running cool??? <kinda>

    I have a 2000 Wellcraft Martinique 3000 with twin Volvo Penta 5.7GS motors. The starboard motor gets up to temp relatively quickly, no issues. The PORT motor never really ever gets up to temperature. Recently, port motor DID overheat on me (set alarm off, i looked down and noticed the temp...
  14. hckrphil

    Electric AC pump gushing water into engine compartment??

    I have a Cruisair AC system on my boat. When I first put the boat in the water, while it was still in the sling, I checked the engine compartment and noticed the AC water pump was GUSHING water into the engine compartment from the spot shown on the attached photo. This boat is new to me, so I'm...
  15. hckrphil

    Mercury Dual Throttle - Neutral Button Assistance

    I have a boat with a dual Mercury throttle. The port throttle stick has a trim switch on the handle that raises / lowers both drives. On the top of the case there are individual trim buttons to fine tune each outdrive. Make of boat unecessary, as I have volvo outdrives and engines, and a...
  16. hckrphil

    Garmin USB Card Programmer and data card???

    I purchased a boat with a Garmin 2006C GPS navigation unit....... this unit's latest update was about 8 years ago............ and the unit in my boat was probably never upgraded about 5 years prior to THAT update. I'd like to at least get it up to date with the latest 5.9 software. Does anyone...
  17. hckrphil

    Dual Engines - Dual Power Steering Pumps?

    I have a 2000 Wellcraft Martinique 3000 w/ dual Volvo 5.7 motors. My question is, should BOTH motors be running power steering pumps? How does that work? On the starboard motor, the power steering pump is connected via hoses and belt. On the port motor, the power steering pump is connected...
  18. hckrphil


    Sorry, Phil. We can't do this in the forum.
  19. hckrphil

    How do I remove this? Please help!

    I have volvo penta sx cobra outdrives.. Removed the outdrives, removed the lower bracket and bolts on top. I thought the steering bracket attached to the transom would have come right off... What am I missing?? Thank you!! Phil
  20. hckrphil

    Homemade - Prop Shaft Seal Installer Tool

    I'm replacing my prop shaft seal in my Volvo Penta SX Cobra outdrive..... and didn't want to purchase their "special" install tool for the seal. For $5, I made my own tool that works perfect. I purchased a 5ft 1-1/4" PVC pipe from Lowes as well as an end cap for that pipe. I cut the pipe down...