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    Check valve / recirculation replacements? loopers and crossflows

    no. they are so delicate 80% of the time they cannot be restored. tried all the tricks, including my ultrasonic after a week in chem-dip many times. 8/10 of them sort of come around, but not quite the original flow.

    Check valve / recirculation replacements? loopers and crossflows

    i rebuild about 15 OMC powerheads a year. I was simply asking if anyone has done this as its simply a 1 way valve.

    Check valve / recirculation replacements? loopers and crossflows

    Anyone ever try replacing the check valves with el-cheapos from ebay/amazon? The prices are outrageous @ 105ea. plus the ride. I am talking about the recirc valves going from the intake manifold to the cylinders both port and starboard. For example, doing a looper V4 and they take 4 of them...

    1988 48 special carbs

    compression tells you NOTHING about crank case compression/vacuum. 2 stroke acts like a pump. compressions tells 1/2 the story. remove head to inspect cylinders.

    Piston tool for Chrysler 75 hp 757HB

    your saying wiseco builds in the extra .0003'' (per your example)? I always thought they needed extra clearance for the greater expansion than stock cast

    Piston tool for Chrysler 75 hp 757HB

    with Wisecos it needs to be bored a few thou over to make room for the larger expansion. can't just swap them in on old worn out stock bores!

    1970 Chrysler 70hp outboard motor

    always squirt some lube of your choice down the cylinders (a lot) if you dont know how long its been sitting! id take the carbs apart or at the very least off to make sure bugs/dirt daubbers didnt make a nest in the reed cages. if they did you will be sucking in lots of sand

    Solid repair shop for boring force 85 cylinder

    RI/CT shop here. Just to be clear: 97% of outboards i rebuild (40hp and larger anyway) are BORED and finish honed. You CANNOT hone that out with a dingleberry and hand drill. A shop can with stones, but then you just have a very worn cylinder and the motor will not last long. I send all my...

    yamaha fourstroke crank bearings

    now wait im sure you had a typo there, but just to be clear 7 thousandths is written as .007'', not .7'' which is seven hundred-thousanths! Again im sure you meant .002''-.007'' just thought i'd make sure! But if that one bearing is .006'' you should be fine, no?

    1976 25hp Johnson ignition question

    getting back to original ignition question: i suppose the ignition coils are the only difference on these from the smaller ones, thus the magneto charge coils are called "drivers". the ignition coils must be on these to magnify spark as opposed to a system without them. Never measured voltage at...

    Evinrude 70 hp carb question

    did you put the gasket on upside down and backwards? should have a hole in the gasket and in the air silencer base for idle air relief

    yamaha fourstroke crank bearings

    what does the service manual say? i like to hear it from the guys that made the motor from the ground up what clearances they like unless using aftermarket stuff with their own clearances.

    Suzuki DT6 CDI broken

    yes last #1 denotes superceded part #. should work just fine.

    1975 Johnson Stinger

    i would certainly put a borescope down the cylinders to make sure they didnt rust. if they are clean, squirt a whole bunch of tcw3 oil down them and turn it over a bunch. that will ensure it stays in perfect shape. head gasket, impeller and any other rubber that is dry-rotted needs to get replaced.

    1975 Johnson Stinger

    its a 20''. saw his pics on scream and fly

    Timing question 70 hp

    yes its the same. some motors had the 2 mark one doesnt matter. i will say it does look like the max timing advance is far too low. it usually contacts fully around 1/2 of the butterflys opening. Mark flyhweel at the 13 degree mark with nail polish or a visible color.pull and ground the...

    70 hp rectifier wiring

    just an FYI you can get the CDI REGULATED rectifier replacement. almost the same size, but now it regulates itself instead of the battery, so you can also use cheap maintenance free types if you want. makes a much smoother current ramp than the stock ones, and helps keep your battery in good...

    What type of hydraulic fluid to use in '98 50hp Johnson? Replace relays too while I'm at it?

    you say "down eventually works"... thats usually a stiff bushing/binding issue if you need to give it a little push. does it make any creaking/groaning noises?

    1995 Johnson 130 No Power Under Load

    lint and dust will do absolutely no harm whatsoever. its not like rebuilding a hydraulic assembly! obviously im talking about lint/dust barely visible from say a shop towel.


    ive pushed the male ones out with a small nail years ago. amazon has a really cheap inserter/instraction tool assortment on a keychain. a bunch of those will work, too. $8 or something funny like that.