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  1. Grub54891

    Another Plumbing Question

    Deep thoughts….. Get rid of the galvanized fitting. Put copper or brass one on there.
  2. Grub54891

    Crack found in the block

    What I did when I bought a boat with a crappy motor: bought another Beater boat, so while I was fixing the first one I had a way to get on the water.
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    Worm Bed Anyone?

    neighbors would put coffee grounds in a spot in their backyard. Always good crawlers back there free for the taking. They would just dump them on the surface.
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    No longer made in USA

    Just a video of casting stuff in Pakistan. There working conditions suck...
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    Fasteners thru hull of thin hull fiberglass boat below waterline

    For a cored hull you need to drill a larger hole than the transducer from the inside but not through the outside. Add casting epoxy and hen proceed with the install. Here's a link on how to do them.
  6. Grub54891

    LED interior lights

    Those connecters are bullet connectors. Any parts store should have them. In my camper I put up led lights, but they are the full sized flat ones, but do switch from white to red when needed at night. Mine are dimmable but I did not hook up that feature yet.
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    Volvo oil pressure reads 80 psi all times

    run a temporary wire from the sender to the gauge. See the results.
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    Tilt trim motor working but engine won’t move

    I'd flush it a couple more times to make sure all the water is out.
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    Type of sealant to use

    I get that people like the regular silicone, At the shop the paint dept removes some of the hardware for repairs and such. I'm usually involved in helping. I just don't like messing with it. 4200, lifeseal, 400, are ok to get off. Don't use 5200 unless it's never coming apart again!
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    Type of sealant to use

    Dont use regular silicone. It’s close to impossible to clean up if you need to take it apart later, and it doesn’t seal well with gelcoat.
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    Don’t do this please.

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    Explosion and Fire Danger

    Be absolutely your fuel system is in good shape. No one hurt but it exploded upon startup.
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    TRS sterndrive maintenance
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    Type of sealant to use

    Attempting to seal them areas from the outside edges don't work. All it does is make a mess. Then when you decide to do it right by removing them, you have to clean up the mess. I've never broke a window, or portlight removing them. Just proceed carefully, heat the area slowly with a heatgun and...
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    Moeller 12 Gallon LPT

    Neighbors had issues with their new outboard running. He had left the vent open, and it rained alot. I pumped the tank dry and flushed it, removed th shrader valve on the motor and flushed fresh fuel through. Had it running good. A week later he did the same thing. Cleaned it out again and it...
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    Bow Stopp Guidance

    Can't get a pic of mine right now as the trailer is at home buried in snow and the boat is at the cabin buried upside down also. I took the bowstop, it previously had a v-hull on it. I cut off the post for the bowstop and turned it to fit the upper rubrail. Then replaced the bunks to fit hull...
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    Is it worth getting a VHF with AIS in it?

    Around here, Lake Superior, I only boat around the bay and Apostle islands. You lose cell signals when between islands, and handhelds don't reach to far. So it's good to have AIS. On smaller areas inland it's not needed. It's a good thing to have if you get in trouble.
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    Be easy on me please. Total newbie.

    Welp. In my 50 years experience I’ve seen three that stripped the threads out. Not by me but it still can happen. The best way to avoid this is to just not do it. now let’s get back to helping hondaslave.
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    Darn Mice Can Be Expensive

    Had a wasp nest in the shed at the cabin. No access as it's got a plywood celing. I drilled a hole just below the soffit and stuck the insect fogger in there and let it run till smoke was coming out the soffits. Did that twice. Havent had any bugs for years!