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  1. Vic.S

    Does this indicate water in lower unit oil?

    Be sure there is not still an old, damaged sealing washer in the hole. Most drain plugs use the flat plastic washers but a few use an O ring. Look at the underside of the screw head. If it is flat it should have a flat washer. If it has a recess it should use an O ring. If you fit a flat...
  2. Vic.S

    Rope Starter Eyelet 6/8hp.

    It is just fitted through two small holes either side of the eyelet. In my Yachtwin they are level with the eyelet but if I was drilling holes for it I would position it slightly lower than it is. Sorry not sufficiently accessible at the moment to photograph
  3. Vic.S

    Rope Starter Eyelet 6/8hp.

    If you also tend to pull the rope upwards it might be worth fitting the rope guide that is fitted as standard to the Sailmaster and Yachtwin models
  4. Vic.S

    Lower unit oil

    Sometimes you will come across drain/ level screws with O ring seals but the screws for them are different. If there is a recess on the underside of the head O rings are correct. If the underside of the head is flat the flat plastic ( nylon??) washers are correct. If you use O rings on the...
  5. Vic.S

    Lower unit oil

    The oil should remain "clear and bright" but perhaps just a little darker in color. If it is turbid or milky looking it indicates water is getting in It took a long while to drain because it was cold ......... warm it up a bit and it will drain faster. Warm the new oil before filling too and...
  6. Vic.S

    Spark plug recommendations for 1973 evinrude 65 triumph.

    The currently recommended plugs are Champion L77JC4 If you live in a part of the world where NGK plugs are more readily available B7HS-10, re-gapped to 0.030", will be suitable
  7. Vic.S

    Strange leak on 9.9 Johnson

    Grommet #14 in the parts diagram posted earlier damaged or missing ?
  8. Vic.S

    LU Drain Seals-1990 15 Hp Evinrude

    I think your 1990 15hp may have drain/ level screws which should have O ring seals. Are you sure there are not O rings still on the screws? If I am right you have a choice New O rings part # 0333572 Or new screws c/w washers # 0307551 and subsequently new washers ( like your 9.9 ) #...
  9. Vic.S

    Odd model number

    It is as indicated above a 1992 10hp commercial model The recommended plugs are QL77JC4 gapped at 0.030" 10 Commercial 1992 - 1993 QL77JC4 .030 L77JC4 are the non-suppressed version
  10. Vic.S

    1986 6 hp Johnson Silencing Pads

    The answer is to be found in Leeroy's Ramblings " there are (2) 25 cent size rubber bushings between the exhaust tube and the exhaust housing, which are illustration #77 part #327030 — Silencing Pad. There are locations for 4 of these rubber pads, but only the top ones on each side are used...
  11. Vic.S

    Johnson 8 pusher prop

    .J8SRLEDS is a 8HP Johnson Sailmaster. The Johnson equivalent of the Evinrude Yachtwin. Specially modified engines to suit small sailboats. My 6 hp Yachtwin has 9¼" x 6½" highthrust prop ( big Mickey Mouse ear blades) (The 8hp Yachtwin has the same prop) As you say now NLA The standard...
  12. Vic.S

    1979 Evinrude 25952R 25hp charging system? Solar panel as a back up?

    An electric start model should have had battery charging It should have a 5 amp stator and a round 4 wire rectifier . Measure the battery volts before , during an after starting. If the battery is fully charged , and not been on charge or used for 24 hours it show show around 12.7 volts...
  13. Vic.S

    Johnson 55hp 1979 snapped bolt after following manual. Why?

    As F_R says the bolts are 1/4" 20 ... thats 1/4" diameter and 20 threads per inch which is Unified fine or UNF 7/16" is the head or spanner jaw size measured "across flats" (AF) You may find this website useful to bookmark. It relates standard head / spanner sizes to bolt diameter...
  14. Vic.S

    My wee little motor won't run full speed (2000 OMC 3.5hp)

    No, not you My comment was aimed at clemsonfor As you know there is no is no butterfly valve The timing is not advanced by the throttle control as it is with larger engines either. Have you checked the compression yet or the spark or tried a new plug ?
  15. Vic.S

    My wee little motor won't run full speed (2000 OMC 3.5hp)

    I think you need to read the manual
  16. Vic.S

    My wee little motor won't run full speed (2000 OMC 3.5hp)

    Check the compression Check that the spark is strong enough to jump a 7/16" air gap Check the carb float height Fit a new spark plug. There is a high probability this will cure your problem The mixture is adjusted by fitting the retaining clip in different positions on the needle but this is...
  17. Vic.S

    Need confirmation for Oil/Fuel ratio

    24:1 as Racerone says You'll find information about fuel mix ratios in the engine FAQs section
  18. Vic.S

    4.5 hp evinrude smoky and oil residue in test tank

    I assume you mean the grip on the tiller It should clip on. See the two little holes in the plain part of the grip they should locate on to little clips when its correctly orientated
  19. Vic.S

    4.5 hp evinrude smoky and oil residue in test tank

    What year ? model number ? I assume from early 1980s ???? 50: 1 is the correct fuel mix, using a TCW3 certified oil Too much oil would make it smokey, but they are smokey when run at low revs in a test tank Is idle mixture setting correct. Are carb float and needle valve Ok or is it tending...