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    Sound system without a ski tower

    Been boating at Kentucky lake for years. Zero tickets handed out for that
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    Sound system without a ski tower

    🤷‍♂️. I’m not there to make friends. I’m there to enjoy myself. Other boaters don’t pay my bills. Soooo… they can dislike all day
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    Sound system without a ski tower

    I’m looking for ideas installing a sound system on a Larson 226. I’ll replace the original component speakers with high quality replacements. But, I want to add an amp and subwoofer. There’s always the option to put the subwoofer in the storage cubbie next to the engine, but it muffled the...
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    Steering actuator

    I have confirmed it’s an sx-m outdrive. If I find a steering actuator that shows that it’s for an sx-m outdrive, it should fit... correct?
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    Steering actuator

    I dropped my boat off at a local shop to diagnose a power steering leak. They told me it was the steering actuator leaking, but gave me the transom Id number instead of the part number I need. Can someone help me identify the part number I’m looking for? I’ve looked on the Volvo penta website...
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    Temp gauge

    I need to replace the temp gauge on my 99 Larson 226 LXI. How do I determine the correct gauge to buy. I’ve tried to google it with no luck
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    Fuel sending unit location

    Thank you! I was hoping it was a little less work to get to. Lol
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    Fuel sending unit location

    Would anyone happen to know where the fuel sending unit is located on a 1999 Larson 226 LXI with a 5.0 Volvo? My fuel gauge is not functional and I’d like to repair.
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    Help! Alpha outdrive not draining

    I’m trying to change the gear oil in my 96 bay liner. I’ve removed both the top and bottom screws on the outdrive... lowered the unit, removed the cap from reservoir. It drained for about 10 minutes or so then stopped. The reservoir is still over half full. Is it not supposed to drain...
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    96 wave venture 1100

    The manual shows that it has a 13 gallon tank. When the low fuel light starts flashing, I take it to the marina and fill it up. But, it only accepts 6 gallons. The gauge reads half full once the 6 gallons are put in. Any ideas?
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    Lower unit question

    When I went to change the lower unit fluid, I noticed that neither of the screws (top or bottom) had o-rings or washers on them. They weren't stuck in the unit either. Is this correct?
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    Backrest removal

    Does anyone know how this piece comes off? It's the backrest at the very back of boat. All the others around the bolt have a fold in the material to get to the screws holding them on. No folds on these pieces.
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    Hull question

    I've got a few spots like this at the boats V. Is this something to be concerned about and how would I fix it?
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    Repair/Owners manual

    Does anyone have access to a repair manual for a 96 tigershark monte carlo?
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    Help identifying a part. Please.

    Can anyone tell me what the piece missing in the pic is called? It goes to the jet on a 96 tigershark 700.
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    Accelerator pump

    How do I determine if my 2 barrel mercarb has the straight or 90 degree accelerator pump? It's a 96 bayliner capri with a 3.0.
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    Thoughts on this winterization method

    Has anyone used the method in this video? I'm talking about the way he drains the block and then runs the coolant through. I know there's more to winterization... I'm just curious about the coolant method he used.
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    Bayliner seat replacement

    Which seats did you use if you don't mind me asking? The ones listed for capri, from what i've read, are for pre-1995 boats. Mine is a 1996.
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    Bayliner seat replacement

    Has anyone ever used the wise deluxe lounge seats in a Bayliner Capri? Mine is a 1996 Capri 1950. I'm needing to replace the lounge seats and am curious if the deluxe lounge seats from wise will fit or am I stuck with using the more expensive bayliner replacement made by wise. Thanks for any...