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    BF10 Gear Rod Assembly broken

    If it is like mine, then there's a pin that holds the top of the shift rod in place. There's a little cotter pin holding this pin in. They are a PITA to remove because there's not a lot of space in there to get to it.
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    Honda 50 Ticking/Whirly Sound

    Looks like you "solved" the problem, but I'm wondering what the actual difference is between the new and old flywheel? There wasn't anything loose in the old flywheel was there? Is there more clearance in the new flywheel? Slightly thinner magnets? For other with noise issues, something here...
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    Stalls running at idle speed

    Here's another thought too... looking at the parts diagram in post #14 (is that your actual carb?) It looks like there might be passages in the bottom of the bowl. I had a Tohatsu carb similar to that and the passage in the bottom of the bowl was blocked. On that engine, that passage fed...
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    Stalls running at idle speed

    How long did you soak it? I've had a couple carbs over the years (one Honda and one Tohatsu) where I had to do an overnight soak to finally get them running right. One of them I had soaked a couple times for several hours and thought "that oughtta do it!", but it still didn't work right. I...
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    Stalls running at idle speed

    Just another thought... on the idle mixture screw. If the TAB is the only thing holding the screw from turning completely out, then I'd see if it's possible to just grind or file the tab off without having to remove the complete cap.
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    Stalls running at idle speed

    Yep, that would be the idle mixture screw. That cap is an EPA "tamper resistant" cap that doesn't allow much adjustment in the mixture. Take ahicks advice about getting that cap off without damaging the screw, then you can take the screw out and clean it and the passages below it. Also...
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    Stalls running at idle speed

    Yep, sounds like it's running just a tad lean at idle (surging is a typical indicator). Also make sure you have a good seal between the carb and engine. Just a tiny vacuum leak there will exacerbate or cause a lean condition at high vacuums (idle!). You mention adjusting idle speed, but...
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    BF15D carb broken accelerator plunger

    Looks like an ideal candidate for a 3D printer project!
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    magnet flywheells nissan tohatsu

    I would think you'd have to replace the whole flywheel. I've heard on larger motors you can replace the magnets, but never saw anywhere they were actually available. Eu acho que você teria que substituir o volante inteiro. Ouvi dizer que em motores maiores você pode substituir os ímãs, mas...
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    New to me 2020 Tohatsu 9.8 unable to go past 70% throttle, won't restart hot.

    Also, when you're blowing out carbs with air start with the ENGINE side of the carb passages. You want to blow debris back towards the air inlet or the carb bowl, rather than trying to force debris further into the carb where it might never come out.
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    honda bf15 runs for about 20 seconds and shutsdown

    Does yours have the auto choke or are you using a manual one? If the auto choke, then I would suggest cleaning the carb. You low speed circuits are probably getting slightly blocked and when the choke gets fully open then you're probably running lean. I suspect this is the same thing as...
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    honeymoon over...MFS6D

    I agree on replacing the plug. They can cause some weird issues, even a new one. That's why I always replace a plug on a GOOD running engine and keep IT as the spare, rather than just buy a new one for a spare.
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    Unreliable spark Tohatsu MFS6C

    Did you actually replace the spark plug? I've definitely had cracked insulators before that had intermittent issues. From the first post it appears you used the spark plug to test for spark, but if it was cracked internally you would not have seen a spark at the tip.
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    Hard to pull start

    You sure you got the cam timing right where it belongs? If you damaged a valve then likely it would be EASIER to crank as you'd have compromise the compression (with a leaking valve).
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    new to me Tohatsu 9.8 problems: oily, smoky, finally runs but won't idle...

    I agree with Paul, you don't likely need a kit and you just need some good cleaning. You can clean the pump too, if there was some junk in the bowl. Just be careful as you disassemble and you can re-use all the parts after they've been cleaned. As to your question on planing, I think it would...
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    honeymoon over...MFS6D

    I agree with Matt's suggestions. Plug doesn't look like too much of an issue. A little more dark than what I'd like, but not enough to be a "bad" issue. You probably don't have to do a long soak. Seems like your is more of a "floating dirt" issue that probably could come clean by just...
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    MFS6 flush

    After re-reading the OP, I'm a little confused. Are you thinking you can't run the engine if you're using the flush port? You can. Of course you don't want to be screaming with the RPMs, but you shouldn't do that on muffs either. When you put water in the flush port there will be enough...
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    Converting Tohatsu 5hp to 6hp (4 Stroke) returns disappointing results.

    I'm wondering if engine height would make any difference in your application. Where is the ventilation plate ride relative to the bottom of the hull? Also, since that hull is a flat-bottom (right?) then that's a lot of surface area for drag. You might experiment trying to introduce some air...
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    MFS6 flush

    Flush it with hot water and the 'stat will open quickly.
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    engine oil drains very slow

    Yea, so there's two separate drain screws. One would be just below the engine, and that's for engine oil. The other is down near the skeg and that's for the gear oil (lube). You also have the top fill plug for the gear oil and that's somewhere near the ventilation plate. Sounds like you...