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    Locking outboard while boat is on the trailer

    Have a 6HP Tohatsu outboard. Plan to leave the motor on the boat while the trailer is parked in our carport at home. (Carport so is not enclosed with a garage door.) Any recommendations for a good outboard motor lock that locks the two motor mount screw handles? Other ideas?
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    1/4" crown staples for bunk carpeting?

    T50 (1/2" wide) staples are normally recommended for stapling carpets to bunks. But I have a pneumatic gun that shoots narrow (1/4" wide) crown staples. I would be using the narrow 1/4" wide x 3/4" leg stainless steel staples. I'm not sure if the 1/4" width is wide enough to hold carpeting...
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    How to wrap carpet on side bunks

    Anyone know of a link that shows how to wrap carpet on side bunks? I'm building custom side bunks for my jon boat with the 2x4 post that holds the side bunks extending up above the boat to hold the tail lights. That will give me side bunks plus get the tail lights out of the water. Have found...
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    How much clearance for side bunks?

    Is there a standard clearance for side bunks? Assembling the trailer now for my DIY 12 foot, flat bottom jon boat. Am going to install carpeted side bunks to help center the rear end of the boat on the trailer. Also to help keep the boat centered while towing the trailer, though I will have...
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    Are wheel locks the way to go?

    Seems to me that any trailer coupler lock can be easily defeated by the thief bringing his own chain and chaining the the tongue to his vehicle's ball. Proven Industries and Leaf make wheel locks that go around the leaf spring, through a hole in the tire's rim and secured with a puck lock. Is...
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    What kind of bolts for aluminum handles?

    Getting close to completion of a new build wooden jon boat. The outside of the hull is fiberglassed using epoxy resin. The boat will be used in salt water. I bought aluminum duck boat handles, two for the bow and 2 for the transom. The handles will be mounted near the top of the bow plate...
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    Converting from vertical 2x4 to horizontal 2x6 bunks

    The new EZ Loader trailer that I'm buying (did not receive it yet) comes with bunk brackets that are 1.5 inches wide. The two 2x4 bunks are mounted vertically in the brackets so only 1.5" widths support the boat. My boat is a flat bottom jon boat and I want two 2x6 bunks with the 5.5 inch...
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    Bunks with plastic on top

    I will be setting up a new trailer for a 12 foot jon boat. The trailer comes with two 6 foot bunks but I figure that I need two 8 foot bunks to have the bunks support the transom. My plan is to use two pressure treated pine 2x4x8' as the bunks. Then cover the tops with plastic pads. No...