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    1989 ish Mercury Force 120 ignition issues

    I am in need of help on my 1989 ish Mercury Force 120. I have ignition issues that I can not seem to properly diagnose. I will go back and give an explanation as to how I got to this point… the point of wanting to smash this thing into many little pieces… The engine ran great for many years and...
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    Lack of power

    Hi All, I'm hoping someone can help me out. I have a 1991 Merc Force 120 with a erratic lack of power. I'll first mention that this is a new rebuild, new crank, pistons, seals, bearings and gaskets. The engine starts up good and idles fairly decent. While on the water and attempting to...
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    1990 ish crankshaft question

    Hello everyone, Long time reader but first time posting... I have a mercury force 120, same old story of lack of compression due to piston damaged by ring failure. During tear down of engine I found the crankshaft is pitted and in need of re-building or replacing. The issue I'm having is I...