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97 190 CCF Opinion

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  • 97 190 CCF Opinion

    Hey guys,

    Happy Memorial day... wish i had a boat... soon enough.

    I just wanted to get your opinions on a 1997 WellCraft 190 CCF with a Johnson 112 SPL.

    How is the build quality on these boats?
    Any Common problems?
    Do they handle Chop well? Will be used for Striper fishing in the bay
    Is this enough power with the 112?

    Thanks in advance for your replies.


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    Re: 97 190 CCF Opinion

    As many Wellcraft owners as there are out there I am failry disappointed in the response time in this forum. Does anyone else not get responses? Too bad... I have a pretty good expereince in the other forums.


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      Re: 97 190 CCF Opinion

      I have a 1996 wellcraft 190 cc w/ the johnson 112 spl that i just bought used at the beginning of this year. I've taking it out along the southern california coast of newport and long beach. I've had the boat out in 2-3 swells w/ 1-3 wind waves. The boat does get tossed around quite a bit and it's definately a wet ride. If you go slow it's not really a problem. The boat rides well in small swells and reaches speeds of about 27 mph w/ three adults on it. Due to the winter weather I have not taken it out further than a few miles from shore. The boat sits well in the water and I don't have any problems fishing locally. As for the motor, i've been having fuel issues and the fuel/water seperator has to be emptied every 30 minutes or so. I even had the tank drained when i bought it. I've tried different additives and the best one is seafoam. With the seafoam i have no trouble idling or starting right up.
      As w/ almost all center consoles, it's a very wet ride especially when the wind picks up. Mine does not have hydralic steering which means you pretty much have to hold tight to the wheel while under way or the boat will jet off to the side.
      The boat has a sturdy hull and I feel very safe fishing the bays and along the coast. Just make sure to keep an eye on the weather and you should be fine.