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1996 Trophy Boat water in the front cabin.

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  • 1996 Trophy Boat water in the front cabin.

    I just acquired a 1996 Trophy 2002FF boat. The last time we were out, we ended up with a little water on the floor in the cabin. There is a drain type catch basin under the entrance step to the cabin. It has 3 pvc pipes coming into it. 2 look like a drain from somewhere, and the 3rd looks like it should drain to the back where the bilge pump is. I dipped out at least 10 gallons of water from inside this step to the cabin. I have no idea where the water come from, or why it won't drain. We were out on a fresh water lake, and a ton of water skiers, and wave runners were out, and the lake was a little rough. Any else have this problem?

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    Looks like we have a similar problem, I have a 2000 2002WA and my water is coming in in the front bilge under where the table goes. I shared a picture looking down the hole and see the same thing a couple of drain tubes. I am wondering if one of the back ones is clogged preventing the water from draining to the back bilge and water is coming in the vents on the front of the boat. No really sure still looking for answers, let me know if you find anything out.