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Trophy Pro 2103 Gas Mileage Question

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  • Trophy Pro 2103 Gas Mileage Question

    I have a 2005 Trophy Pro 2103 center console with one of the original engine package options that came with the boat which is a Mercury 200 EFI saltwater 2 stroke. The gas mileage is terrible (1 MPG based on never going over 4000 rpm and even some lower RPM's for trolling in the 1 mpg calculation).

    As this is an original motor package with the boat I wanted to ask the question in this forum hopefully to get feedback from someone with the same setup or one of the other motor options for the 2103 cc.

    Does anyone ave any feedback on what they are seeing from a gas mileage standpoint? It seems crazy its that low.

    We're the second owner of the boat and I'm starting to think it has the wrong prop.

    Thanks, Mike