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Dash panel for a 180 LS from 2002

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  • Dash panel for a 180 LS from 2002

    Hi everyone! I have to replace the dash panel of my Stingray 180 LS from 2002. It seems, that it is very hard to get one. At least Stingray has none on stock (boat too old). And cause it has a custom and curved shape it is almost impossible to mount a non original dash.

    Any ideas where I could get one? I alread searched on ebay and elsewhere but could not find any.

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    Why do you need to replace the panel?

    Would re-skinning it work?


    Try a few of the salvage places

    Or google Lanier Marine Liquidators. But be aware, some report that they can be difficult to deal with unless you are at their Georgia location
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      It has a little crack on top. Besides that I want to add some switches and therefore have to cut the openings for the switches. In case something goes wrong (cracking the entire dash, etc.) I want to have a backup on hand.

      Will try to contact the salvages.



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        aboard to iboats Honkman. Glad to have you join us...

        A few pictures of your present panel would help. But there are a lot of places that can make a new panel for your boat. Most any trophy shop has the capabilities to LAZER cut and engrave all types of panels that can be custom made for most any shape. And the colors, textures and materials are near about endless. My wife use to do those type things wen she ran the LAZERing center at a local Arts and Crafts shop. So think out side the usual boating box for your new panel. Also post a picture or three of yours so we ca get a better idea. JMHO
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          Currently the boat is for winter service but as soon as it is back I'll make same images.

          Anyhow, thank you for the replies!


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            Great Lakes Skipper .com is a good place to check for OEM dash panels. Might be able to find out that's real close to what you have.
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