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proper prop for starcraft islander

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  • proper prop for starcraft islander

    Hi everybody,
    I have a 1986 22' islander with a 205 mercruiser. Recently I introduced my prop to some rocks. Yes stupid i know, and they didnt seem to get along very well either. Anyways according to the number on the prop it is a 14 inch, 19 pitch prop. Can anybody give me suugestions as to if this is the best prop to stick with for this boat. I have wondered this before in the past now have no choice but to buy a new prop so figured might as well make sure im getting the corrrect one. According to the book, WOT rpm is suppose to be around 4800, however if i open it up all the way, it seems to cut out, almost like its floating valves or something. I have just installed new gauges, possible the tach is off a little, but feel it is really close. Hour guage reads 320 hrs and believe this to be right. Motor looks and runs like new. Oil stays so clean even after running for several days, still have a hard time reading it on the dipstick. Anyways, if i push her up to 4200, she runs great and is running about 35-38 mph. So long story short, do i stick with the prop that was on it or anybody have suggestions on a better prop?
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    Re: need a new prop

    I just sacrficed a prop to the rock gods too....

    I had 2 19p props for my 3.0l - I ran 38-39 mph at WOT with a bunch of people in the boat with a 19p. I am going to get a 17P as a replacement because I tube/ski alot. According to a prop calc (just google it) - this will mean my top speed will be reduced to 34-35 at WOT (4500 rpm) - but a little more grunt.

    I know some guys want top speed but 35 MPH is pretty fast and unless its glass nobody really goes faster that 25 anyway.

    My .02!
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      Re: proper prop for starcraft islander

      Just talked to a guy that runs a biz called the Prop Drop in Lindsay Ontario as my props are all chewed(thats 3 in three seasons) He repairs and sells new.

      The latest and greatest prop is a four blade unit that has two kinds of blades on it.

      One pair is a conventional "curved " leading edge and the other pair is a "cleaver" style with a straight edge used on racing boats.

      You get low end grunt and high end performance from the same prop!

      So expecting the price to be in the $300 CDN range I was blown away when he said $160!- he has no overhead as he works out of his garage beside a major conduit highway to "cottage country" so he said yeah they'd be that anywhere else.

      Having just spent the next decade's retirement fund on her I decided to ask the boss and maybe purchase later.

      He says that he has customers calling him back to thank him - it made such a huge difference to their boat's performance!

      Can't keep them in stock!

      Sorry don't know the manufacterer but any prop specialist better know about them or just go "next!"


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        Re: proper prop for starcraft islander

        Im running a solas 3 blade 14.5x19 prop on my 221V islander with the 3.7 litre and 170 hp. 3200 rpm cruise gives 22 mph, wot 4400 is just above 33 mph (gps) gas mileage is excellent.
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          Re: proper prop for starcraft islander

          If I had to replace my prop again I think I would look into the pirahnna prop that has replaceable blades.
          I have a adjustable prop that I ordered from western marine that gives me a 14 or 15 thru 21 or 22 pitch adjustment with replaceable blades.
          So far I have run this prop for 5 years with no trouble. 4 blade.
          I think the pirranna props look alittle better built and you can have a set of spare blades with you.


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            Re: proper prop for starcraft islander

            I've used a Piranha 4 blade on my islander, and swore I got better fuel milage, and performance, and when I did hit a rock, only 1/3 or less of one broke and less than 10% of the next blade, I did have a slight vibe, and what I like is if it was more damage, I could've either put a spare set of blades on ( $12-$15 each ) or, just take of 2 and put the 2 good ones opposite of each other ( just like the go fast outboards with the High Speed 2 blade props )

            And my nephew runs a 4 bld 24p on his 305ci 270hp with 1.6r drive on a 20' Glass boat and can get a 15' Rooster Tail !!!! ( with just me and him in the boat..
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              Re: proper prop for starcraft islander

              i'd wondered about that...it does seem that the severely reduced roating mass of a Pirhana would be beneficial for economy and responsiveness, just as with lighter drivetrain & wheels on a car/motorpsycho/bike (obviously dimished by fact that it's spinning in a medium 800 times as dense as air)


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                Re: proper prop for starcraft islander

                I run a 14 1/4 - 19 pitch prop on my 22 Holiday with a 200 Johnson O/B at 42-46 hundred rpm at about 48 to 50 mph on flat calm water. Generally about 3100 rpm and about 22-25 mph for sensable use.


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                  Re: proper prop for starcraft islander

                  Thanks for all the info guys,
                  Had my prop repaired, but thinking about looking into the pirahana props. Have heard other good reports on those also.
                  Thanks again


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                    Re: proper prop for starcraft islander

                    i'm trying to extrapolate from all the above data for my 18' Starchief with 140hp mercruiser, used for fishing and dive boat only, no skiiing. fuel mileage will be the major concern as i troll a lot. would a 20" pitch be too tall?


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                        Re: proper prop for starcraft islander

                        i hear ya on the kicker....i even carry one (2hp honda) on my 12' portabote and have had to use it to get home from 3+ miles out when my Rude died. ironically, rude has now been rebuilt and will in turn be the kicker for my lone star skiff and the Starchief

                        trolling speed where i go is more like 4-8 mph....dorado and yellowtail like fast food, in the 6-8 mph range. i do slow troll when plumbing the reefs for snacks for mamacita (grouper/snapper/triggerfish/etc).

                        i may post a query over there but find that i get better answers here on stuff that's affected by fact that this 18' cruiser is a 1600# Starcraft and not a 3500# Reinell.


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                          Re: proper prop for starcraft islander

                          I troll without a kicker every time I go out, and have been having good luck with the salmon this summer, we put 10 salmon in the boat last thursday in 2 hours, two of them chinooks
                          although I'd like to have one a five gallon bucket works wonders pulling my speed down about a half a mile an hour or better and I figure I can rebuild my main motor at least twice for the price of an 8 hp high thrust and controls.

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                            Re: proper prop for starcraft islander

                            I solved that blood problem you seem to have with a couple of drain holes cut in the floor with some stainless steel covers. I use some water and a scrub brush to clean up the floor. Then I have two bilge pumps, they pump the bloody water back out of the boat. I like how it works and it keeps the floor clean and not bloody slippery.
                            By the way nice catch, my salmon fishing this year has not been good. Boat broke down and the salmon fishing off the oregon coast has not been good this year.


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                              Re: proper prop for starcraft islander

                              Wow Gnarly you seem to know how to catch 'em. By the looks of the last picture with the blood and baseball bat, you took care of those guys fishing in your area?
                              And I thought I was protective of my fishing spots, gee whiz.

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                              They are both right.
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