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1975 SuperSport 16. Rotten Floor/Carpet job. With Photos.

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  • 1975 SuperSport 16. Rotten Floor/Carpet job. With Photos.

    After my recent paint project I took a good look at my awful carpet. Its time was long overdue, but I knew there was trouble underneath because some spots were soft and bouncy, especially on the aft corners. So I attacked it this week.

    I still haven't mastered embedding photos here, so there's a link to photos below.

    Ripped up the old carpet and sure enough, major-league rotten plywood. It was like sponge cake and I was able to pull it up and out with my bare hands. It just crumbled in my fingers. Removed that whole plywood panel (what was left of it) and yanked out the rivets. Determined that the rest of the decking had years on it, but was fine. Leaving it. Cut a piece of 1/2 inch exterior grade plywood to size, sprayed the cut edges with Thompson's and riveted it down. Solid. Outdoor patio carpet from Lowe's has some kind of 5-year sun fading guarantee. Down it went. Re-installed the seats and re-riveted the bow hardware. What a nice difference a new carpet makes!

    Here's pictures: http://djcamera.com/boatfloor

    And here's my strip & paint job from August: http://djcamera.com/boatpaint
    1975 Starcraft SuperSport -- '86 Mercury 75HP

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    Looks like new now, nice to have solid decking and new covering.

    Super cool drone shot too! Looks like a toy boat in this shot.

    1979 V5 SS140 HP Merc ...... 1970 18' Chieftain IO restoration
    1978 16' SS160 SeaNymph .. 1970 Chieftain condensed version