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Is anyone out there running a 16' mariner? What to power it with..

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  • Is anyone out there running a 16' mariner? What to power it with..

    I am in the midst of a restore, and am thinking of power as it came with no motor. It is a light boat, 385# stock, and rated for 50hp. Generally it will have me, wife, child on it, I am 200# and the biggest in the family. We may carry some gear and crab pots. Given the very light nature of the boat, I am hoping to not have to put the full 50 on the back ($$).

    Anyway, I am just wondering what, in all your collective experience, I should be looking at for power. It doesn't need to be a rocket, though getting on a plane without difficulty would be nice. I was thinking an older 35 (johnson) 2S as they and similar motors are pretty light.

    This is my first boat ever, as well as my first rebuild, so it is a whole new world, any advice/thoughts are appreciated, you guys are saving my bacon with all the collective knowledge!

    16' v-hull Sub 400 pounds with floors, transom, benches..

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    I've only had one boat so far that was powered less than the max and I always wanted more. If you max it out you'll never have that issue to deal with.

    To keep things straight here in the forum it's always best to keep your posts all in one place since you have a resto thread and you'll have a better chance at staying on the good side of the mods too
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      Thanks Watermann, learning the rules as I go.. I will look for a 50, which I imagine will make her fly..