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Newly acquired boat

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  • Newly acquired boat

    Hey guy's and gals, i recently bought a slickcraft boat, she's a 21 1/2 footer runs like a dream. However i can't seem to find out anything about the motor in her all i do know is that it is a GM motor stamped on the block and alsoi that it is a in line six.[img]http://forums.iboats.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=58460&stc=1&d=12780180 18
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    Re: Newly acquired boat

    Hi Guys:

    Welcome to iboats! It looks like you have a Mercruiser 165 inline 6 cylinder engine based on a Chevrolet 250cid truck motor. I have the same motor and it's one of the best marine engines ever made. The Slickcraft SS214 and inline six motor package is in my opinion an almost bulletproof combination which will give power and ride comparable with much more expensive boats. If you need a manual go to the Mercruiser section of iboats forums, open one of the "Adults Only" stickies at the beginning of the forum, click on the manual link and download #2 and you should have hours of reading. Very simple to work on and very robust.