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new owner question, SS210

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  • new owner question, SS210

    I am the new owner of a 1973 SS210, I have not seen any reference to this model on any posts here, does anybody have any knowledge of this one.
    it is an Outboard, cuddy, Model is SS210 but it is titled as a 19' 6".
    Does anybody here have one like it ?

    Thank you

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    Re: new owner question, SS210

    Hi Guys:

    I'm the proud owner of a Slickcraft/Grew SS215. I looked through the 1976 Slickcraft brochure to find the only 19ft 6 in cuddy was the SS206. Without seeing a picture of your boat it's hard to say exactly what you have but my guess is it's a re-badged SS206.



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      Re: new owner question, SS210

      I did find a listing for it here on I-Boats, it is a real model, it has an outboard and a huge deep splashwell, but the hull is molded for a in / out, still have the air intake and vent tubes that hook to nothing.
      now to figure out how to fix transom with that splashwell in the way.
      the gastank sits where the "dog house" would be and the normal gas tank location is a storage hatch.


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        Re: new owner question, SS210

        Dad owned an SS210 in the late 60's. Lived in Minnesota, kept it at Gray's Bay Resort on Lake Minnetonka.

        Originally delivered twin Johnson 115hp outboards. Topped out at 41mph. Boat was rated at 200hp max, 'cuz 100hp was biggest outboard available when they applied for the rating. Got a special waiver from some gov't agency to run more hp than rated. Upgraded to twin 125hp Johnsons 'cuz Dad wanted it to go 45mph. Changed props repeatedly, never got it over 44 1/2 mph. But I was 16 yrs old, and man, did that thing yank you out of the water when you yelled "hit it". And when I blew by the dock at full tilt, the roar was spectacular.

        Wonder where that boat ended up? Last I heard it went to Fla.