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Can't Steer

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  • Can't Steer

    I've posted
    a couple questions, on iboat, cant seem to get a responce.
    I guess you have to fork up some $$. Or all of you are snobs and
    will not respond who's new to YOUR forum.

    Been trying to find how to hook up the steering cable on my I/O

    Thanks for nothing.

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    Re: Can't Steer

    What kind of I/O, what kind of steering system? got a picture?
    Thats like wiping your butt before you go. You can do it, but it just don't make any sense.


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      Re: Can't Steer

      I don't know the answer to your questions...but I can tell you that if you post a thread somewhere other than the Slickcraft forum you will probably get better results.

      There may be only one or two people that check that forum on a daily basis...if any.

      People on this site like to help out, you will see.

      I will get a moderator to move your question to a better spot to get responses, since the steering isn't Slickcraft specific.
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        Re: Can't Steer

        I am by no means a boat mechanic, nor am I to be considered a snob as described in your post.

        There are several things we are going to need to know before anyone can give you advise. Who is the manufacture the drive unit? Merc, OMC, etc? Likewise, who made the steering system? Somebody like Teleflex maybe?