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'82 Sea Ray 26' Express Cruiser

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  • '82 Sea Ray 26' Express Cruiser

    Hi all,
    Never been in this part of the forums before, but need to give it a try! We have a chance to pick up an '82 26 foot Express Cruiser (has "SRV260 on the side) for what we feel is a very, very fair price. Pics are attached.

    We're in the very early stages of deciding whether or not to make the purchase.

    Been around cruisers (Roamers) for a very long time, but never a Sea Ray. It has a 260 Merc, and cosmetically, it's in very nice shape.

    Appears to have been taken very good care of.

    Other than the obvious stuff with the Merc engine/outdrive, what should we be looking for with this boat? Are/were there any inherent problems with this model? Stringers and/or transom subject to rot?

    The info we've been able to get from the internet would indicate that this was a well built boat. We're not looking for speed or performance, just something to cruise the river with friends and family.

    Any input/info is appreciated.

    Rick (actually, Rick's wife...)
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