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Sad Sea Nymph

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  • Sad Sea Nymph

    I just came across a sad boat....derelict but ...There is hope if I get the title worked out. The hull is in great shape. The seats and braces have been drilled adding and taking out floors but I am up for the fix! Trying to get the specs and determine WHICH SEA NYMPH IT IS ! Measures about 15 feet and the hull like a heavy Jon Boat ....solid. Hull ID is "SEA X 1773 H###". What is it, what was the weight and what HP is it rated for? I cant run it down. Lowe bought Sea Nymph but they only want to sell me a new one ! Thanks for any help ! g

    found a helpful link....the boat is a 1989 and made in August....which helps me not at all How can I figure out what this is and the ratings and capacities?
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    If it measures about 15 feet, but has no original floor/console layout to decipher what it could be, just go with a 40 horse to be safe.

    My 15 foot fish n ski has a rating of 50 horse. (could be 60 but cant read the #)
    1984 SeaNymph SS155