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84 Seanymph CC171 Striper

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  • 84 Seanymph CC171 Striper

    So I just joined the forum tonight while looking for info on my new CC171 Striper.
    It's got a 91 Yamaha 85 on it. Bought it from a friend to walleye fish out of. So I have a couple of questions for you guys to help me planning my upgrades and such.

    1 ) the original owner moved the 2, 6 gallon tanks up front to the bow. I plan on moving them back where they belong. I'd like to put a swivel seat in its place on that front deck instead. Can anyone tell me what was up there originally ?

    2) what size bow mount trolling motor would you suggest for this boat ?

    Great forum and am looking forward to the responses

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    Well this is 4 years late but I have an '81 CC171 and I moved my fuel tanks to the Bow as well. mine has a fishing deck with a single chair, my tanks are below that. I have also moved my 3 batteries under the centre console