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Future newer Sea Nymph 14R

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  • Future newer Sea Nymph 14R

    Since having my ole 1973 Sea Nymph 14R "Big Water" boat which I bought spring of this year,I have fallen in love with Sea Nymph boats,...so having
    said that,I am considering searching for a much newer model of the same
    boat,...possibly 1990,or newer. These 14Rs are nice boats to fish out of
    for being a utility-v bottom tiller steer boat. They have that wide beam I like
    and gives me more stretch out room than my old A-14 Lund did. A Lund
    dealer is trying to get me to trade the ole Sea Nymph,but with our economy
    the way it is,I am sticking with used boats I can pay cash for and staying
    with Sea Nymph. What would a 1990,or newer,14R Sea Nymph go for if I
    find one in really good shape?

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    Re: Future newer Sea Nymph 14R

    What would a 1990,or newer,14R Sea Nymph go for if I
    find one in really good shape?
    This one's going for $1600
    And it comes with a 9.9 Gamefisher. I happened to notice it while I was looking for a 3-10hp 1960s Mercury outboard for my 12' Aerocraft. By the way I grew up fishing, skiing and tubing on our 19' Sea Nymph Fish-N-Ski and I've always loved their aluminum boats. My dad has a 1990 Fishing Machine 16' that we love and he just bought a brand new 60hp Rude. Great boats, good luck with the search.

    1992 Sea Nymph 14R Aluminum fishing boat . 94' Sears Gamefisher 9.9HP outboard w/ river runner prop protector and tank. Dual swivel and slide seats, oars , Golden rule, Rod saver 6-rod , and achor . Shor Landr trailer w/ new winch strap and flush mount LED tail lights this year .Always stored inside . Runs great and can be test drove before purchase.
    '79 16' Starcraft SuperSport
    12' AeroCraft '55 Johnson 5.5hp
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      Re: Future newer Sea Nymph 14R

      That is a darn nice looking rig. But what I was wondering if I could find the boat
      only w/o a motor and stick my motor on it. But hey,...if I can find one like that
      with at least a 15 HP motor(preferrably Evinrude,of course),and trailer at a dealer,I could trade the one I have for a newer model like the one pictured.