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Where should the cranking battery be positioned?

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  • Where should the cranking battery be positioned?

    I have a 1987 Striper cc191 and the battery is on the floor behind the seat, kinda tucked up under the rear transom rail. I have seen a picture of a battery on a GLS 195 (?) with the battery placed back inside the bilge area, just starboard of the center of the transom. It looks like a better place for the battery to be than where mine it located. Can anyone post a picture of where your battery is placed in your 19ft Sea Nymph or similar center console boat? Its all part of re-wiring my boat so that wires are out of the way, and that includes the battery. There are a lot of heavy gauge wires leading to a black box in the area just starboard of center, so I don't know if they would interfere with a battery and the wires leading to the battery. I don't want to create an electrical shock hazard by crowding those wires or the battery/connections. This is what I have to work with. These wires will be re-routed by a marine electrician that I hired, and it does look like a metal battery tray back inside there, but it is awful tight quarters in there.

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