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My first boat 1996 Rinker Captiva 180

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  • My first boat 1996 Rinker Captiva 180

    After a lot of searching and poking around the used boats I finally decided on a 1996 Rinker Captiva 180. It has a Merc 4.3 V6 with the Alpha One out drive. The boat was mostly taken very well care of, with the exception of the drivers seat being ripped out of the floor causing a rotten spot there. Aside from that, it runs great, the interior is in excellent shape for the year and it's small/light enough that my Jeep Wrangler can pull it short distances. Working to add brakes to the trailer, but the short distance to the lake with no interstate and highway use it does great. The "little" things that need done:

    * Fix speedometer hose, it's broken off at the out drive. Hopefully a splice will suffice.
    * Check the timing, it backfired first time in the water, and it slow starts after it's warmed up.
    * Brakes on trailer, just to help with security
    * Learn what in the world I'm doing, maintenance schedules and such.
    * The previous owner mentioned something about the trim not going all the way down unless you press something else? I'm not sure what he's talking about, and it seemed to just work. Though, I know nothing about it all yet.

    Click image for larger version

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    Re: My first boat 1996 Rinker Captiva 180

    good luck!
    dont be afraid to get your hands dirty doing the work yourself, but at the same token, dont be afraid to ask someone for help!
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      Re: My first boat 1996 Rinker Captiva 180

      Thanks man! I consider myself a shade tree mechanic, and actually do all of the mechanical work on my cars myself. Swapped the engine out in my Jeep and such. As for the boat, the timing seemed to have been set when it's being revved. At idle, it was a little off. I adjusted it to idle and the slow starting and backfiring are gone. The speedo is fixed. Spliced the hose behind the transom, replaced the o-ring in the adapter to the out drive and cleaned the logs out of the skeg. The floor under the drivers seat has been temporarily repaired by using short screws on a larger aluminum plate to the floor. Cleaned all the rotted wood and wet foam out, all the way to the hull and replaced it with foam. At the end of the season, we'll pull the carpet up and replace that board at least. Hopefully that will be all.