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  • Might as well be the first

    Have been a bowrider guy for the last 3 years but am getting ready to sea trial an 08 Grand Majestic LTD with a 235 Honda and the PTX performance package. Love the room on the toon but was worried about missing the 56 MPH even if I don't use it much if at all. I am hoping that with this engine and the PTX package I will be able to run about 50 to 52.
    2008 Premiere 235 Escapade w/ 225 Honda
    1995 Powerstroke towing rig
    2000 Newmar American Star 35' 5th wheel
    1995 Camaro SS
    2008 PT Turbo Cruiser (wifes ticket machine)
    Thinking I need a few more toys!
    Motto is "Do it while you still have the knees!!