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1979 mirrocraft aluminum boat

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  • 1979 mirrocraft aluminum boat

    My brother died December 10th.
    HE had a 1979 Mirrocraft boat with a 50 HP 2 stroke Johnson outboard on it and the whole thing sits on a 1981 Spartan boat trailer. Its in deep storage in a boat shed for the winter.

    The man was an avid Muskie fisherman for many years. He had it rigged with all sorts of his toys and rod holders for his Muskie rods. Most of us have never seen that many Muskie lures in one place in our lives !

    Come spring we will be looking to sell the boat.

    What is it worth today ?

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    Re: 1979 mirrocraft aluminum boat

    Very sory to hear of your loss.

    You don't happen to have a few photos of the rig do ya? That would help a lot in trying to give a value range.

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      Re: 1979 mirrocraft aluminum boat

      Look for what similar boats in your area are going for. What it may worth in your area may be completely different for someone in another state would estimate it at.
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        Re: 1979 mirrocraft aluminum boat

        Sorry to hear about your loss, Mn'sotan. It's always a tough thing.

        You might be able to get more by separating the boat from the engine and trailer in this area. Right now I'd guess you would get appx 1500 for everything, but you could probably sell the trailer for 800, and the motor for 750, and you haven't even started to sell the boat.

        I believe I'd list it on craigslist for 2000 or best offer and see where that lands for offers. Be sure to take good pictures and include plenty info like boat length, width, transom condition, etc. You may want to take it out once for your self early in the season to see if there are leaks, or how well the engine runs.

        Good luck, and be well.