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Why is Mirrocraft's sales literature so lame?

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  • Why is Mirrocraft's sales literature so lame?

    Great boat but when it comes to their brochure and website, they dropped the ball. Both leave out allot of detailed specs (like rod locker length, bottom width, shots of internal storage, options, etc) found on other manufactures sites. Some info is even contradictory.
    Pictures and descriptions of optional equipment are especially sparce and hit/miss too.
    For a company with a honerable pedagree, they advertise like a grade school cake sale. Too bad.

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    Re: Why is Mirrocraft's sales literature so lame?

    Well, my 2 cents.

    back in 2005 I toured the Mirrocraft plant, I was on a sales meeting for Weeres Pontoons, and they offered to show us the factory. So of course i did that. Super nice people in the office. But they are a small company, they have hard working people there.

    Advertising, is usually a whole seperate department. I sell fire trucks, and the company I work for has nice literature, but it's short and too the point. The reason behind this is to keep cost at a minimum. Several of our competitors, have full page ads in every magazine. What I found out is companies with puny website, ok literature focus more on the QUALITY and producing something the consumers want. Advertising adds a ton of cost to any product.