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I got me a new Boat!

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  • I got me a new Boat!

    Hi everyone, New to the forum. I just purchased a 1978 14 FT Mckee Craft Cat Cay. The boat has a 1982 75 HP Evinrude. Boat is in good shape for it's age and motor runs rather well for its age as well. Trailer is a Cox brand tilt trailer and has only minor rust issues. I picked the whole package up for 500 dollars with clear titles on everything. Ill try to post some pics sometime soon. My first question I have is about a few areas on the boat that need some minor fiberglass repair. On the rear beach seat there is a large crack on the front of the bench that needs to be repaired. I am new to fiberglass work and was wondering what the best way of repairing it may be. Also is it a common problem for there to be a crack in that area. I have a can of marine grade fiberglass resin. I plan to use this but was wondering if Bondo would be suitable for fiberglass repairs. I also noticed that the bottom side of the forward gear compartment hatch needs some attention as well. It seems to be rather rotted out but it is dry as the boat has been in a covered area for some time. Also on the starboard side aft just forward of the rear seat there are some minor cracks on the deck. Whats the best procedure for repairing that area. It feels very solid, with no flexibility yet I am worried about water penetration while using the boat. Don't want the inner foam to get wet or saturated. Thanks for all the help and I am looking forward to learning more through others on here.

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    Re: I got me a new Boat!

    Welcome aboard and congrats on your bew McKee! They are great little ships with a very loyal following.

    I'll wait till you post pix of your problem. If you don't want the repair to be obvious, you'll probably need to color match the gelcoat. But the procedure will depend on the crack.

    Welcome again!
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