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1976 Lucraft

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  • 1976 Lucraft

    Does anybody have any pictures (factory advertisements would be great) of Lucraft boats? I recently purchase a 1976 Lucraft bowrider. I looked at the specs. on here and think it may be a 1977 since it is listed as 15.6 feet,has a walk thru windshield and a 70 HP Johnson. I'd like to restore it since it is in great condition and would like to see pictures of other Lucraft boats of similar type if possible. Also I know they were built in Daytona but that is about all I've been able to find. Anybody know of a link?

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    Re: 1976 Lucraft

    That's a fine boat you have there. Did you buy it off Craigslist? I'd been keeping tabs on a few Lucrafts I saw on there.

    I don't have much in the way of information for you as there is very little out there, but I can tell you that these are stout, overbuilt boats that will last forever if even slightly cared for.

    I picked up an '81 Lucraft 16' (15'11") flatbottom last year and am currently restoring it. It is so much beefier compared to my neighbor's Stumpnocker. They look similar from afar, but that's where the similarities end.

    I'll pass on any info about your boat that I can find on the web, but it may not be much. I'll ask my neighbor if he has any of the original advertisements or whatnot that I can scan and send you. You're correct in that they were built in Daytona. From what I've heard, it was a pretty small operation that went out of business in the early to mid 80's.
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      Re: 1976 Lucraft


      I just purchased this 1978 v-hull Lucraft. I have not found to much info. I am going to fix up the interior and put my 80 hp mercury on it. seems like a well built boat. here are some photos from teh previous owner - I will take better pictures soon.


      thanks in advance for any info,