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1963 lonestar voyager

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  • 1963 lonestar voyager

    Just found out what model boat I have. Question is the Max HP says 100HP.. I have a 115HP Mercury 1150. Is that going to be a problem?? Heres a few pics. Its a project ee and my buddy have been working on..

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    Re: 1963 lonestar voyager

    Great photos! A 115 Hp motor isn't going to weigh much more, if any, than a 100 Hp. Unless it's a 4 stroke, which might. So I wouldn't wory about it. My boat is rated for 90 and I have a 110 on it. It never had a problem with the extra horses, but then it never got rode hard in rough waters or abused either. You should consider what kind of abuse you might do with the extra power.
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