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Larson LX850 owners - Post your prop type and Max speed and RPM

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  • Larson LX850 owners - Post your prop type and Max speed and RPM

    I have a 2012 with the 4.3L TKS Merc. We recently switched props from the stock 3-blade 14x23p to 4-blade 14x21p. I would like to know what kind of speeds people are getting with the same setup.

    Calm waters, 2 people on board - 40mph at 4500 RPM.

    Calm water, 4 adults on board - 31mph at 4500 RPM.

    But the week before, I was getting 45mph at 4500 RPM with 3 adults on board. I'm worried that maybe I spun a hub? But all weekend, the torque was great, got on plane fast and easy, so I don't think I spun a hub.

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    Hi danpel, I don't know if you are still grappling with this, but you'll get much better help in the Prop forum; this forum often has limited traffic and your question is really a more general prop question than it is a Larson specific question. Good luck!
    Location: West Central Illinois, USA 1997 Larson 186 SEi Bowrider I/O Mercruiser 350 #0F747565 Mag Alpha One Gen II #1A270120 Transom and Deck Restoration Project on my '97 Larson Bowrider