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Larson 190 rear bench removal

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  • Larson 190 rear bench removal

    So there was a question on here on how to remove the back seat that i had revived.. it got closed so i thought i would post up some pictures of how to remove to back top of the bench seat on my 01' larson 190.

    there are screws in along the back in the middle that are accessable form the engine hatch area. mine were all but removed. The hard part tho is the screws that hold in the side to the gunwales. here are some pictures of where the screw that needs to be removed is located.

    there is a small hole in the vinyl on the rear back that if you put the screwdriver in and tap around you should be able to find the head of the screw. it was about 3 inches long. the trouble now will be to put it all back together when im done with the engine work.

    I will hopefully be able to post some more pics when i eventually remove the lower section of the rear seat.
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