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1998 Hurricane Fundeck 228r steering issue

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  • 1998 Hurricane Fundeck 228r steering issue

    Brand new to these forums, but I am trying to find out as much information as I can about the boat I 'inherited' (in-law's boat)

    I've searched a bit but I might not be using the right keywords. The boat when it gets up above 25 mph, if you let go the wheel, it will automatically spin hard right. When you're driving it across the lake, you have to fight to keep it straight. What would cause this issue? Unfortunately I don't know anything about boats right now, so I will be learning as I go.

    I appreciate all advice as anything at this point will help me fix this (and other issues to be posted).


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    Re: 1998 Hurricane Fundeck 228r steering issue

    Welcome to iboats.....

    Do you have any specifics on the motor (size, etc) and the type of steering on that boat? My guess is it has a Teleflex/Seastar hydraulic steering system on it, can you confirm?

    It could be hydraulic or cable steering which is important in determining what the cause is.
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