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Replacing seats in a 2000 19.2 Tourament...

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  • Replacing seats in a 2000 19.2 Tourament...

    When I ordered my 2000 Tourament, I asked for the Captain's chair. When the boat came in, instead it had the sleeper seats port and starboard. When I saw the configuation, I mildly complained about it and the dealer told me they would replace the Captain's side with the normal seat.

    However that would delay my getting the boat and so I took it with the sleeper seat with the option of switching if I didn't like it. One thing led to another and before I could think of switching, the boating season was over. I told myself it gave me an extra passenger seat which had come in handy at times. Still, to safely see while running the boat, I would have to sit on a cushion or two.

    Flash forward now and all the seats look a bit ragged with knife cuts, etc. I went in to see a brand new 19.2 and decided to upgrade my seats to the currnet year with a GW Captain's seat and a new sleeper seat for the port side.

    The seats will be in anyday now and the upgrade will cost about $1500 (estimate). The rest of the boat looks cherry as I had the hull reglassed and polished last year for around $1200.

    I don't think the boat will fish any better, but I'll be styling when I go fishing and I will have a great looking boat for just cruising around.

    I'll post the pictures when the installation is finished.